The department promotes collaborative research and civic engagement projects that engage local and global communities, through which we challenge students to explore and reach deeper understandings of human diversity and experiences. Students majoring in anthropology focus on the global, comparative study of human biological variation and cultural systems over all periods, from the prehistoric to the present. Students majoring in criminology develop a specialized understanding of the criminal justice system and criminal behavior, particularly the ability to explain, predict and prevent crime and victimization. Students majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences gain a strong foundation in the social sciences while exploring specific disciplines in depth through selected concentration courses. The program emphasizes critical analysis of social issues from within a variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, and the development of effective writing, research and communication skills. Students majoring or minoring in French and in Spanish gain proficiency in the five language skills (speaking, writing, listening , grammar, and culture) while developing a broad and refined understanding of the Spanish and French-speaking worlds through their language, literature, history, and culture.

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The Mission of our Department is to educate students in the disciplines of Anthropology and Criminology, to provide a broad grounding in the social sciences for students majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences by creating opportunities for students to explore selected disciplines in more depth, and to make students proficient in World Languages by offering language courses that satisfy the university language requirement and majors & minors in Spanish and French.