Wellness Center Receives Accreditation for Counseling

USFSP Wellness Center staff

USFSP Wellness Center staff.

(Sept. 5, 2017) The USFSP Wellness Center recently achieved accreditation for its counseling services, passing the highest standards available for campus counseling centers. The International Association of Counseling Services (IACS) reviewed and endorsed the Center’s numerous services it provides the community, which include individual and group therapy, psychiatric services and crisis management. The accreditation process positively noted the Center’s role in offering training programs for students and collaborating with partners on campus.

“I think the breath of services we provide are not generally seen at such a small campus,” said Anita Sahgal, Psy.D. director of the Wellness Center and Student Disability Services. “For example, we were one of the first Florida institutions to offer an online platform for therapeutic services and online education called TAO, to provide greater convenience for students.”

The Wellness Center is also home to campus health, providing anything from flu shots to physical exams to urgent care. This allows for the integration between counseling and medical, spurring innovative ways in achieving holistic care not commonly found at other university counseling centers.

“We are able to offer referrals to nutritional consultations and personal training for our clients and soon we hope to provide massage therapy and wellness coaching,” said Sahgal.

IACS was established to encourage and aid counseling services to meet high professional standards through peer evaluation and to inform the public about campus counseling services that are competent and reliable. Other Florida institutions that have accredited counseling services include: University of Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida (Tampa), University of Central Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, University of North Florida, University of West Florida, and Lynn University.

“The accreditation is a great distinction, and it should also provide students and others confidence in coming here, showing that we hold ourselves to the highest counseling and ethical standards,” said Sahgal.