Graduate Student and Curriculum Forms

Curriculum Processing Forms - Faculty and Staff

General Admissions Forms

General Forms

  • Apply for Graduation
    This application is housed in OASIS and is for graduation only. To register for commencement, complete the Commencement Registration.
  • Authorized Signature Form (.pdf)
    This form provides for two separate individuals, to provide their signature for authorization purposes.
  • Certification of Completion (.docx)
    Confirmation that the student has completed all of the requirements for their degree.
  • Change of Program Application (.pdf)
    Request for a change of program within the same or lower classification.
  • Commencement Registration
    Registration for the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Delete Course Form (.pdf)
    The Delete Course form is used to delete a course from the student’s record.
  • Graduate Dismissal Form (.pdf)
    Academically dismisses a student from his/her program.
  • Voluntary Withdrawal Form (.pdf)
    Student request to withdraw from his/her program.
  • Fee Adjustment Form (.pdf)
    Refund of the tuition and registration fees if a student drops or withdraws for circumstances determined by the University to be exceptional and beyond the control of the student.
  • Grad Petition (.pdf)
    To Add, Drop or Change hours for course registration.
    After the end of the first week, Add/Drop/Fee deadline, in each semester.
  • Graduate Transfer Course Form (.pdf)
    Maximum of 12 semester hours transferred, taken as a USF non-degree seeking student
    Maximum of 9 semester hours transferred from another graduate school, or 3 courses.
  • Incomplete Grade Contract (.pdf)
    An Incomplete grade (“I”) is exceptional and granted at the instructor’s discretion only when students are unable to complete course requirements due to illness or other circumstances beyond their control.
  • Late Registration Fee Waiver Form (.pdf)
    The University of South Florida will approve a waiver of the Late Registration Fee if a student registers late due to circumstances.
    determined by the University to be exceptional and beyond the control of the student.
  • Leave of Absence Form (.pdf)
    A documented Leave of Absence is necessary to suspend the time limit requirement for the period of the leave.
  • Transcript Request
    USFSP Records. Forms for transcript requests prior to and after 2006 graduation.
  • Dual Degree Application (.pdf)
    Used only when one or both degrees have shared coursework*
    Student must already be admitted to first major before making application for dual degree*.
  • Time Limit Extension Form (.pdf)
    May be filed when a student nears the end of the time limitation for completion of the requirements for their degree but needs more time to complete the degree.

Thesis Submissions