Florida Studies

Mission: “The Florida Studies Program is a rigorous interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to the history, culture, geography and environment of Florida—and its place in the world.

For everyone who lives, works, or studies in Florida, the best way to understand our state and the issues we face is to put them in the context of our history and distinctive regional culture.

The Florida Studies Program brings together faculty from history, economics, geography, political science, anthropology, and other disciplines to create an integrated, in-depth exploration of our state’s changing identity as a part of the American South as well as a bridge to the Caribbean Basin.

From environmental policy and resource management to political challenges and immigration reform, Florida presents distinctive issues that merit close attention. Students from any discipline can benefit from Florida Studies courses as they prepare for careers ranging from urban planning to social work, from historic preservation to international business. For anyone who is interested in how our state fits into matters of regional and global significance, this program presents the ideal opportunity to use the State of Florida as a teaching and research laboratory.

Students admitted to the program take graduate classes toward pursuit of a Master of Liberal Arts in Florida Studies. Limited graduate assistantships are available to both new and continuing students. For further information, please contact:

Florida Studies Program
USF St. Petersburg
140 Seventh Avenue South, SNL100
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

(727) 873-4872

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