The area code for each number listed is (727). To reach one of our faculty by mail, use the format: 

DAV 216, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, 140 7th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

  • Barnali Dixon

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    GIS and Remote Sensing

    Dixon_sI have extensive experience in the application and teaching of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, Global positioning Systems (GPS), geostatistics, fuzzy logic and neural networks for environmental modeling. Specific research interests and projects are: Risk assessment and environmental modeling for soil, water and landuse interaction and surface and ground water quality and quantity.  Read more
    Tel: 727-873-4025 (O), 727-873-4863 (Lab)
    Office: DAV 209

    Dr. Dixon’s CV

  • Henry Alegria

    Associate Professor current-project-logo

    Area of research is in the general area of fate and transport of organic pollutants.  Specific research interests and projects within this area include: Investigating the transport mechanisms of organic pollutants in soil, air and water and their exchange between these compartments; Using chiral chromatography to track the movement of organic pollutants in the environment; Correlating land-use patterns with water quality in rivers in Central America; Determining the potential impact of pollutants on sensitive coastal ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs); Investigating the potential impact of pollutants on the health of exposed populations (e.g. pesticides and farm workers, PCBs and office workers). Read more

    Tel: 727-873-4777 (O), 727-873-4832 (Lab)
    Office: DAV 212

  • Richard Mbatu

    Assistant Professor 
    Environmental Policy

    Mbatu_s1My research focus is in two interconnected areas: 1) forest resource management and policy aspects of sustainable development and climate change, and 2) the structure and function of plans, programs, bilateral and multilateral agreements and conventions dealing with forest resource management, agriculture, land use planning, and climate change. I look into human-environment interactions through the lenses of political ecology, political economy of natural resources, environmental politics, and sustainable development. 
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    Tel: 727-873-4967 (O)
    Office: DAV 205

  • Chris Meindl

    Associate Professor 

    I am a geographer interested in human-environment interaction, particularly in people’s perceptions of environmental issues, especially wetlands, natural hazards, and water resources. My regional focus is on Florida, my methods are usually qualitative and archival, and my approach is often (but not always) historical. Recently, I have grown interested in environmental management and water politics. Read more

    Tel: 727-873-4961 (O)
    Office: Snell House 100


  • Donny Smoak

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    My research focuses on wetland carbon sequestration and the role wetlands play in climate change.  I examine freshwater wetlands and mangrove systems (coastal wetlands) to assess the wetlands current contribution to the global carbon budget, and how the contribution may change as the climate warms.  These investigations are being conducted at several sites in Brazil and in the Florida Everglades. Specific research interests and projects are: Uranium and thorium series radionuclides as tracers of geological processes; organic carbon burial in wetlands; mangrove ecosystem response to sea-level change. Read more

    Tel: 727-873-4078 (O), 727-873-4835 (Lab) 
    Office: USGS 503A


  • John Osegovic


    I have experience in instruction at all college levels, science-centered entrepreneurship, research and development management, natural gas research, catalyst development, geochemistry of gas hydrates, and applications of nuclear magnetic resonance. I research dynamics of small solar system icy bodies, particularly phase transformation and heat flow.

    Tel: 727-873-4964 (O)
    Office: DAV 221

  • Madhu Pandey


    My expertise is in chemical sciences with several years of teaching and research. I have developed a genuine teaching and research interest in analytical, organic, and general chemistry with a special emphasis on pharmaceuticals, quality control and method validation.Read more

    Tel: 727-873-4972 (O)
    Office: DAV 211

  • James Ivey

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator

    Environmental Science

    My research area is primarily estuarine ecology.  I work with autonomous water quality monitoring systems that measure biogeochemical parameters.

    Tel: (727) 873-4066 (O)
    Office: DAV 210

  • Rebecca (Johns) Krishnaswami

    Associate Professor

    My work encompasses community organizing around economic or environmental issues, problems of cross-border labor organizing, globalization and the labor movement, gender and globalization, Native American cultural conflict. Read more

    Tel: 727-873-4556 (O)
    Office: DAV 269


  • Bob Wang

    Lab Manager

    My research interests focus on biosphere-atmosphere interactions by using stable isotopes to quantify the amount of COand H2O exchanged during photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration. Read more

    Tel: 727-873-4869 (O), 727-873-4075 (Lab)
    Office: STG 211

Affiliate Faculty

  • Melanie Riedinger-Whitmore

    Associate Professor

    My areas of specialization include: Aquatic ecology, wetland ecology, and paleolimnology of lakes in Florida, The Galapagos Islands, and mainland Ecuador.

    Tel: 727-873-4971 (O), 727-873-4834 (Lab)
    Office: DAV 222

  • Ryan P. Moyer

    Courtesy Assistant Professor, Adjunct Instructor
    Fish & Wildlife Research Institute

    My research is broadly focused on investigating fundamental biogeochemical process in coastal and marine ecosystems across a variety of temporal and spatial scales. While my major area of expertise is isotope and trace element geochemistry, I have received an interdisciplinary training in the fields of geochemistry, marine science, geology, and ecology. My primary interests revolve around carbon cycling in tropical coastal and marine ecosystems. Specific research interests include: anthropogenic carbon and its impacts on tropical ocean chemistry and calcifying organisms (ocean acidification), organic carbon cycling in coastal wetlands, and the application of stable isotopes and trace elements in coral skeletons as proxy records of past ocean chemistry. My primary analytical tools include stable isotopes of carbon, oxygen, and boron; radiocarbon; minor and trace element ratios, and organic carbon measurements. More information, including a list of publications is available at:

    Tel: 727-892-4153 (O)
    Office: FWRI 1040