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Campus Board

The University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus Board is responsible for the review and approval of the operating plan and budget, legislative budget request, and for entering into central services contracts with the USF Board of Trustees for any services that cannot be provided more economically at the local level.

The University of South Florida Board of Trustees is responsible for administration of the USF System in a manner that is consistent with the member institution missions and in alignment with the strategic plan. USF BOT oversight includes academic programs and student affairs, research, personnel, financial management, property and purchasing within the laws of the state of Florida and the guidelines and regulations established by the Florida Board of Governors.

USFSP Campus

Office of The Regional Chancellor

Martin Tadlock, Ph.D., Interim Regional Chancellor

Messages from the Interim Regional Chancellor

The Regional Chancellor is the chief executive officer of USF St. Petersburg. The Office of the Regional Chancellor has the all-encompassing goal of ensuring the overall excellence of USF St. Petersburg. Regional vice chancellors, associate vice chancellors, deans and directors comprise the Regional Chancellor’s Leadership Team. The Office of the Regional Chancellor includes development and alumni relations.

Academic Affairs

Olufunke Fontenot, Ph.D., Interim Regional Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

The Regional Vice Chancellor is the chief academic officer for the institution.
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Chitra Iyer, Regional Associate Vice Chancellor 

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Administrative and Financial Services

Joseph Trubacz, Regional Vice Chancellor
The Regional Vice Chancellor is the chief financial officer for USF St. Petersburg.

David Everingham, Regional Associate Vice Chancellor

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Diversity and Inclusion

Cecil Howard, Chief Diversity Officer

Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications

Holly Kickliter, Regional Vice Chancellor

External Affairs

Helen Levine, Regional Vice Chancellor

Student Affairs

Patricia Helton, Ph. D., Regional Vice Chancellor
The Regional Vice Chancellor is the chief student affairs officer for USF St. Petersburg.
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University Advancement

Deborah Read, Regional Vice Chancellor