Training on relationships

Health Promotion and Education is an instrumental part of the Wellness Center’s commitment to promoting wellness within the USFSP campus community and student body. Our prevention services team consists of a health educator, graduate student intern, and peer educators (P.E.E.R.S.). We believe strongly in encouraging, teaching, and supporting healthy decision making. We promote healthy well-being from the perspective of moderation, making individualized and informed choices, and self-care.

Wellness Consultations

Our Health Educator provides Wellness Consultations for any student who wants to discuss personal issues around:

  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance;
  • Healthy relationships;
  • Time management;
  • Sensitive topics like sexual health, birth control, and safer sex;
  • Nutrition and weight management; or
  • Any other question about health and wellness you may have.

Please call 727-873-4422 and schedule an appointment for a Wellness Consultation with the Health Educator.

Educational Programming

The Wellness Center provides outreach programs, educational presentations, workshops, and trainings designed to enhance wellness in our campus community and to meet the needs of our students for academic, personal, social, and psychological growth. We provide information on a variety of topics like: sexual health and safer sex, alcohol and other drug prevention, smoking cessation, stress management, domestic and dating violence, healthy life choices, nutrition and disordered eating, and more!

E-Learning Resources
Free HIV Testing

The Wellness Center works with community organizations Y.E.S. and A.S.A.P. to provide free HIV testing and counseling to students once a month with limited hours during the fall and spring semesters. Call 727-873-4422 to make an appointment!

What is Health Promotion?

Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health. At USFSP, health promotion serves the core mission of higher education by supporting students and creating healthy learning environments through the use of theory, research, and evidence-based programs.

We understand the various stressors, roles, and responsibilities in your life as a USFSP student that can help support or discourage you from making healthier decisions. As college students, you are adults, and will be making adult decisions regarding your health and wellness for the rest of your lives. We are here to help you!