The Wellness Center mental health services are time and scope limited. Students who need long-term treatment and support will typically be referred to community resources for more intensive, ongoing treatment. Likewise, students whose concerns necessitate a specific type of expertise that is not available in the Wellness Center may also be referred to community resources.

It is the general policy of the Wellness Center that controlled substances (stimulants, benzodiazepines) will not be prescribed to students, unless supported by appropriate documentation and psychiatrist approval.

The Wellness Center’s role on campus is to assist students with their health and mental health concerns by being a neutral source of supportive counseling and health services, so that students can achieve their academic goals. The Wellness Center does not make determinations whether or not a student is fit to return to university activities (return to campus evaluations) or whether or not a student is fit to continue university activities (involuntary withdrawal). We also do not make determinations about specific academic accommodations.

The following services are not provided by the Wellness Center and will require referrals to community resources:

  • Medical detox for substance dependence.
  • Drug testing.
  • Medical stabilization for severe eating disorder concerns.
  • Formal psychological assessment for learning disability testing
  • Psychological evaluation for the purpose of employment clearance.
  • Psychological evaluation for academic and disciplinary matters.
  • Forensic evaluations.
  • University mandated evaluation and/or treatment.
  • Services to fulfill students’ court-mandate assessment or treatment requirements.
  • Custody evaluations.

The nature and complexity of a student’s presenting concerns and the overall context are considered in making appropriate treatment recommendations. In situations in which a student’s needs require a referral to community resources, the Wellness Center will frequently provide bridging services to help the student in managing their presenting concerns and provide support until the student is able to connect with the appropriate community resource.