If you are interested in pursuing both counseling and psychiatric services, please come by our office or call (727) 873-4422 (option 2) to make an appointment for an initial assessment.

Psychiatric Services are also available at the Wellness Center and include medication evaluation and management, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Our psychiatrist functions as a consultant to the therapists and is only available through internal referrals by our Wellness Center counselors. Therefore, students who require or seek psychiatric services must:

  • Have seen a counselor for an initial assessment or intake;
  • Be engaged in ongoing counseling with a therapist at the Wellness Center; AND
  • Had been determined by the therapist that a psychiatric referral is appropriate.

Please note that the Wellness Center will now be assessing a $20 fee for missing Psychiatry and Nutrition appointments. Please be aware you must cancel your appointment no later than 24 HOURS prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid the cancellation fee.

Medication/Psychiatric Treatment Policy

Psychiatric services are time-limited and are based on specific treatment recommendations. Your counselor and psychiatrist may consult with each other to make appropriate treatment recommendations, as well as request previous assessment records. Failure to comply with prescribed use of medication may result in termination of your treatment at the Center. In case of an adverse reaction to medication or other medical emergencies it is recommended you go to a hospital emergency room or walk-in clinic, as we do not provide after-hours or emergency psychiatric care.

It is the policy of the Wellness Center to not prescribe controlled substances and/or stimulant medication.

If a student’s concerns are not appropriate for the Wellness Center services, community referrals will be given.

  • If you are only looking for psychiatric services, referrals into the community can be made. Students are encouraged to contact the center and schedule a brief consultation with a counselor to discuss psychiatric referrals.