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What does our Student Union Facility Fee actually fund?

The union facility fee funds the construction and the maintenance to keep the building in the best condition to support student’s needs. The building offers a variety of unique event and meeting spaces, including various rooms designed specifically for students. The facility fee allows the meeting rooms to be offered free to student organizations for programs to be held.

Is the University Student Center hiring?

The University Student Center employs a number of students. We accept applications through the USFSP Career Center. Jobs at the University Student Center offer a great environment for students to work in, countless opportunities, and flexible work schedules.

Who can make a reservation?

All registered students organizations, university departments, and non-university affiliated individuals can request space at the University Student Center. All clients should have one individual as their main contact. Only individuals listed on the main contract can make changes to reservations.

What spaces can be reserved?

The contact person can reserve any meeting, conference, or social room from the following spaces:

  • University Student Center
  • Harbor Hall
  • Davis Hall
  • Coquina Club

What information do I need to provide to make a reservation?

  • The name of the event
    Describe the name of the event/meeting that is taking place in the room.
  • Sponsor
    The name of the client whom the reservation is for, this person will be the primary contact for the event.
  • Contact Name and Phone
    The name and phone number of the PRIMARY contact for the organization.
  • Date of Event / Meeting
    The day the event or meeting is taking place.
  • Event Time
    This is the time the meeting/event will start and end. The set up and clean-up time before and after the meeting/event will need to be included with your reservation.
  • Room Set Up
    This describes the way the room is to be set. Set up options include classroom style, cleared room, theater, Hollow Square, banquet, and u-shape.
  • Number of People Expected
    The number of people expected to attend your event.
  • AV Needs
    Special equipment needs such as projectors podium, microphones, easels, etc.
  • Other Needs
    Examples of other needs include items such as registration tables and a phone line activation.

When is a reservation request confirmed?

It can take 3- 5 business days for a meeting request to be processed. Once the request is processed you will receive a confirmation email and confirmation number. This information is emailed to the primary contact person. The primary contact person must read and adhere to the Meeting and Events Procedures and Guidelines.

How long do I have to make changes to my reservation once it is confirmed?

Changes can be made no later than three business days in advance of the event date. Changes closer than three business days may not be honored, depending on the changes requested.

Are there costs associated with using meeting space?

Registered student organizations do not pay a room rental fee. There can be additional costs associated with meeting room usage under the following conditions:

  • If rooms are reserved, not used, and not cancelled within 2 business days prior to a scheduled meeting/event. (No-Shows)
  • If the room is left in a condition that requires additional cleaning.
  • Security is determined to be necessary for the event.

For University Departments, Department-Sponsored, and External Groups there are costs associated with using the meeting space.  Please contact the staff for information on rates.

What is the Food Service Policy?

Student Organizations and University Departments are allowed to bring outside food and beverage* into the USC. Both student organization and departments must first complete a Food Release Form and have it approved by the USC staff.  If the event is being catered by an outside caterer a USFSP USC – Caterer Agreement must be completed and submitted to the USC staff for approval.

*Note: All beverages must be Coca-Cola products.

External groups are not allowed to bring in outside catering.  They must use Flavours Catering, the in-house caterer for the USC.

Are there ATM’s in The University Student Center?

Yes, an ATM is located to the right on the information desk inside the University Student Center. The student staff at the information desk can provide direction if needed.