USFSP University Student Center

About Us

The University of South Florida University Student Center is the hub of campus in vibrant downtown St. Petersburg. We provide spaces for students and members of the USF community to hold meetings and events, socialize, study, hang out, eat, and engage in university life. The USC values the connections made through collaboration and community, and we strive to be the catalyst for student success.

We offer:

  • A ballroom
  • Dining facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Outdoor verandas
  • A 6-story residence hall with two-person bedrooms

The ballroom and meeting spaces are available for public rental and conferences.


The University Student Center’s mission is to enhance student life at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg  by supporting  programs and involvement that provide diverse leadership opportunities and inspire learning beyond the classroom.


We encourage  an environment where students and the community feel comfortable, united, and welcome. We envision the University Student Center expanding as the campus and city of St. Petersburg grows in the future. We believe it will further traditions and strengthen alumni relations.