Non-Degree Seeking Student Application Guide

A non-degree seeking student is a student who has not applied to a degree-seeking program. There are many different types of non-degree seeking students –  transient students, senior audit students or someone who simply wants to take classes for personal enrichment or to increase his or her skill level.

Transient students (those who are earning a degree at a university other than USF, but wish to take a class here) should seek the proper transient student/cross-enrollment forms from their home institution in order to transfer credits. Check with your advisor to make sure that the courses you take at USF St. Petersburg will properly transfer to your university.

Senior Auditors are non-degree seeking students over the age of 60 who want to continue their education by taking free courses at USF St. Petersburg. These students should view the Senior Audit website and speak with the Office of the Registrar before applying.

How to Enroll as a Non-Degree Seeking Student:

  1. Apply online and pay the $30 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Submit your Immunization Health History Form and Immunization Documentation. Check OASIS to be sure that you have no holds on your record and that you have turned in all the necessary documentation so that your registration process goes smoothly.
  3. Visit the Online Non-Degree Enrollment Assistant to find and register for classes. On the Course Schedule Search, be sure to mark St. Petersburg as your campus. Save the CRN numbers for the classes you want to take; you will need these when you register. Also, some classes may require a permit. Be prepared to contact the instructor so that a permit can be issued for your desired class. Note: Non-degree seeking students cannot register for classes until one week before the start of the term. Visit the Academic Calendar to determine when you can register for classes.

To completely engage in classes at USF St. Petersburg you will need to activate your Net ID, log on to Blackboard and check your USF e-mail. These online tools are used in every class at USF St. Petersburg and your understanding of them is vital to your success as a non-degree seeking student. If you feel that you cannot complete these steps without guidance, please contact Campus Computing for assistance.

  • Activate Net ID: Visit and follow the steps to activate your NET ID. You will need this ID to log on to Blackboard. It may be several hours after you activate your NET ID before you can log into Blackboard. If it takes longer than 24 hours, please call Campus Computing for assistance.
  • Logging onto Canvas: Think of Canvas as command central for all of your class needs. You will find your professor and classmates’ contact information, your e-mail, important documents and assignments, syllabus, discussion boards and much much more on Canvas. Some professors even require that all assignments be turned in via this website. You can log into Canvas once your NET ID is active.
  • USF E-mail: Your USF e-mail is hosted through Google. You can check it through Canvas after you have activated your NET ID. There is a letter icon in the right hand side of your Canvas welcome page. Click this icon to check your USF e-mail.
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USF St. Petersburg shares the following USF System codes:

School Codes

ACT - 0761

SAT - 5828

TOEFL - 5828

FAFSA - 1537

Electronic transcripts - 1537

Transcripts can also be hand delivered or mailed sealed from the institution to the address below.
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