Application Guide: First Time in College

Admission is based on the strength of your high school background, including the degree of difficulty of courses selected, record of academic achievement and SAT or ACT. Our Prospective Student Information provides an excellent indication of our incoming students’ academic strength.  Additional information for Parents and Families.

To be reviewed as a first time in college student, applicants must have graduated from an accredited secondary school.

  • Home schooled students and graduates of unaccredited schools may be asked to submit additional documentation outlining their educational background.
  • International applicants with secondary education credentials that are issued in a language other than English must submit a literal English translation.
  • The General Educational Development (GED) test score is accepted in place of a high school diploma.

For admission purposes, USF St. Petersburg recalculates a high school grade point average (GPA) based on grades earned in all college prep academic courses. We assign additional weight to grades earned in honors (.5), Advanced Placement (1.0), International Baccalaureate (1.0) Dual Enrollment (1.0) or AICE (1.0) courses.

Academic Course (units required for admission):

  • English 4 (3 with substantial writing)
  • Mathematics 4 (Algebra I or above)
  • Natural Sciences 3 (2 with substantial lab)
  • Social Sciences 3
  • Foreign Language 2 (in same language)
  • Academic Electives 2

Students are encouraged to use academic electives to better enhance their preparation for entrance into a selected college at the university. For example, students who wish to major in a science field may choose to take an additional unit in math and an additional unit of science beyond the minimum requirements listed above, in order to have the strongest preparation for the these curricula. We also encourage students to balance their high school experience with courses in the visual and performing arts when possible.

Have questions? Contact your Admissions Counselor at 727-873-4142.

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USF St. Petersburg shares the following USF System codes:

School Codes

ACT - 0761

SAT - 5828

TOEFL - 5828

FAFSA - 1537

Electronic transcripts - 1537

Transcripts can also be hand delivered or mailed sealed from the institution to the address below.
Undergraduate Admissions
140 Seventh Avenue South BAY 117
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Admission Requirements

The USF St. Petersburg admission process usually begins during the summer or fall of your senior year in high school, although planning for college can start as early as your freshman year of high school. First Time in College (also known as FTIC or freshmen) are usually admitted to the University in either the summer or fall semesters.