Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Environmental Science Policy (EVR) 

This interdisciplinary and integrated major seeks to advance students’ critical abilities to solve real-world environmental problems, manage social-natural systems in a sustainable manner, and affect decisions involving environmental policy, resource management, and biodiversity conservation. The curriculum comprises an intensive foundation in the environmental sciences, physical-chemical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, as well as the integration of these areas to study a problem in hand. Upon completion of the required course work, students will develop appreciation and a holistic view of how scientific truth (date and analysis based results) and policy (interpretation of data and analysis in the political context) work together to affect our everyday life (as an individual and as a society). This major will uniquely link science, policy and sustainability in the context of society and give greater meaning and context to environmental science and STEM education.

The ESP bachelors degree offers 3 concentrations:

  1. Science
  2. Policy
  3. Sustainability

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Minor in Environmental Policy (EVPP)

A minor in environmental policy provides context for the students to understand how society, economics and politics help develop and shape policies that affect our environment and long-term sustainability, as well as how science gets translated into policies. This minor is ideal for students majoring in Business, Entrepreneurship, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Social Science and Conservation Biology. A total of 19-20 credits are required for the minor in Environmental Policy, 12 of which must be completed at USF.

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Graduate Programs

Masters of Arts in Environmental Science & Policy

Our Master of Arts degree in Environmental Science and Policy provides a balance between Environmental Science and Environmental Policy in a format desired by practicing professionals in environmental fields. Comprising a themed course study in Core Concepts in Science, Core Concepts in Policy and an elective area of your choice, this non-thesis track culminates in a final project that allows you to integrate and apply the knowledge learned in the coursework with a personal relevant area of interest to result in your professional growth. Graduates of our program will be highly skilled and imaginative individuals prepared for leadership roles in local, state, and federal agencies; non-profit organizations working to mitigate environmental concerns; and private scientific, research, environmental and engineering firms.

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Master of Science in Environmental Science & Policy

The M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy program in the College of Arts and Sciences at USF St. Petersburg offers an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program. The program provides advanced training, education and research opportunities to post-baccalaureate students interested in applied environmental science and/or in the interactions of society and the environment. Graduates of the program are trained to serve as environmental professionals in local, state, and federal environmental resource agencies; in the private sector, as environmental consultants; or are prepared to enter doctoral programs in environmental science and/or related fields.

Two focus tracks: Applied Environmental Science and Society-Environment Interactions are available for students pursing an M.S. degree in Environmental Science and Policy.

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