Executive Cabinet

Daniel “Kaeden” Kelso

Student Body President

Email: danielkelso@mail.usf.edu

The Student Body President nominates students for many positions in student government and university-wide committees, represents the Student Body on the Campus Board, and signs or vetoes legislation passed by the senate.

Ysatis “Sati” Jordan

Student Body Vice President

Email: ysatisj@mail.usf.edu

The Student Body Vice President has many administrative responsibilities including hiring, managing time-sheets, ordering and purchasing, providing support and training for the Executive Branch, and attending meetings with faculty, staff, and administration.

Nicholas Oregero, Chief Financial Officer

Email: noregero@mail.usf.edu

The Chief Financial Officer prepares the Student Government budget and supervises the administration of it. They meet with student clubs and organizations, and authorize funding for them.

Olivia White, Chief Legal Officer

Email: oliviawhite@mail.usf.edu

The Chief Legal Officer serves as the legal council for Student Government. They also serve as a non-voting member of the Senate Committee on Policy on behalf of the Executive Branch.

Livia Rosales, Director of Events

Email: liviar@mail.usf.edu

The Director of Events plans and executes Student Government events and initiatives. They also work with clubs and organizations to organize collaborations and provide resources for events.

Lukas Walters, Director of Marketing and Design

Email: lukasw@mail.usf.edu

The Director of Marketing and Design creates marketing materials and manages social media accounts for Student Government, designs logos and promotional items for Student Government and student clubs and organizations, manages the Student Government website, and conducts correspondence with the Crow’s Nest and University Communications on behalf of Student Government.

Jadzia Duarte, Director of Sustainable Initiatives

Email: jadxiad@mail.usf.edu

The Director of Sustainable Initiatives assesses Student Government Sustainability protocols, serves as Chair of CERCC, and member of SGEF if appointed.

 Annie-May “Alex” Williams, Director of Student Government Relations

Email: awilliams16@mail.usf.edu

The Director of Student Government Relations works to engage and inform students on events, opportunities, and campus engagements.

Jordan Heisler, Executive Director of Stampete

Email: jheisler1@mail.usf.edu

The Executive Director of Stampete is responsible for the facilitation of Student Government’s various relationships throughout the school and local community, as well as the promotion of school pride through various events throughout the year.

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