Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is responsible for carrying out Student Government programs and initiatives as well as providing free Free Printing to USFSP students. This branch also supports programs such as the Teen Arts & Culture Festival, lectures presented by Guy Harvey, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

Student Body elections are held during the spring semester. They are responsible for electing a President and Vice President.

The Executive Branch composition and authority is derived from the Student Body Constitution and Student Government Statutes. Further definition adheres within the context of the Executive Administrative Code:

  • The power of the Executive Branch shall be vested in the Student Body President.
  • The Executive Branch shall be comprised of the Executive Office and the Executive Cabinet of the President, Agencies, Commissions, Councils, Bureaus, Task Force, and any other entity of Student Government which executes policy or programs of Student Government.
  • The Executive Branch must operate throughout all active academic terms at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.

The Executive Branch is made up of various Departments and Offices which can be seen here.