The Minor in French and Francophone Studies consists of a total of 15 credits. The student will take four required courses (12 credits) and one elective course (3 credits). Total credit hours: 15. No minimum grade but overall 2.0 in courses must be obtained.

The goal of the Minor in French and Francophone Studies is to give you a broad knowledge of French language, history, and culture. You can start your minor after FRE 2200 or an equivalent (French III). The required courses of the Minor cover the fundamental aspects of French culture and language. All courses are taught in French. For your elective,  you may choose to learn about the Francophone World, deepen your knowledge of French literature or take a course in French cinema or business. We strongly recommend you take the summer study abroad in France, which will provide you with a firsthand experience of French life, culture, and language! A minor in French and Francophone studies at USF Saint Petersburg will give you a strong foundation for your career, your life, or any major.


  • FRE 2201 French IV (3)

    Prerequisite: FRE 2200 or equivalent.

  • FRE 2241 Conversation I (3)

    Prerequisite: FRE 1121 or equivalent.

  • FRE 3420 Composition I (3)

    Prerequisite: FRE 2200 or equivalent.

  • FRE 3500 French Civilization (3)

    Prerequisite: FRE 2200 or equivalent.

  • Elective (3)

     Any FRE or FRW 3000, 4000, or 5000 level course not listed above.