Degree Overview

Course Requirements for the B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS)
Minimum of 42 credit hours to be distributed as follows:

Core (12 hours) + Concentration Areas (24 hours) + Special Electives (6 hours) =42 hrs.

A. Core (12 hours)

1. ISS 1102 Self and Society
ISS 1103 Nature and Culture
Students pick one of these two courses, designed to introduce new students to the discussion of critical social issues.

2. ISS 3010 (Introduction to Social Science); 3 credit hours. This course provides a rigorous introduction to social science, critical thinking, and paradigms.

3. ISS 3300 Social Research Methods: All ISS majors take this mixed methods research course. Students may also take additional research courses as electives, such as ISS 3930 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods.

4. ISS 4935 (Seminar in the Social Sciences); 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ISS 3010. The seminar is a senior level capstone experience in which students prepare a major research paper and practice critical analysis on each other’s work.

B. Concentration areas (24 hours; select 2 concentration areas from the list below)

Concentration area #1: 12 (minimum) credit hours
Concentration area #2: 12 (minimum) credit hours

Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Environmental Science & Policy, Geography, History, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work*, Sociology**.

*Social Work is not currently offered. Sociology is in the process of being instated. Please talk to your advisor about these two concentration areas.

C. Special Electives

(6 hours; take one course in 2 of areas listed; check with your advisor to learn which classes meet this requirement)

1. Gender Issues (3 credit hours)

2. Ethnic/Cultural Diversity (3 credit hours)

3. International Perspectives (3 credit hours)

4. Environment & Society (3 credit hours)