Academic Learning Compact – Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Content/Discipline Knowledge and Skills

Students will be able to:

  1. Identify an important Social Issue

ISS 3010 (RK): Identification of important social issues occurs weekly through the weekly reflections on assigned readings.  ISS 3010 (GB) will provide one means of assessing the ability of students to identify an important social issue through the use of three structured debates.

ISS 4935: Students work to identify an appropriate social issue for their research project (Thesis Statement assignment)

  1. Students will analyze the macro and micro level causes at the root of an important social problem as well as the social economic and cultural structures that help perpetuate the problem.

ISS 3010 (RK): Students identify and analyze causes of social problems through their weekly reflections on assigned readings. ISS 4935: Students analyze causes of a critical social problem through the original research of their final paper.

Communication Skills

Students will be able to:

  1. Write clearly and effectively, producing well organized, logical, well-supported written arguments that reflect appropriate use of language and meet assignment objectives

ISS 3010 (RK): Students complete an 8 to 10 page academic paper. ISS 4935 (ES): Students complete a 13 to 15 page original research paper.  ISS 3010 (GB): students write three short papers on debate topics.

  1. Exhibit functional oral communication with minimal apprehension, and exhibit a willingness and readiness to communicate and share research results with others

ISS 3010 (RK): Students present their research paper findings orally. ISS 4935: Students present their research results orally. ISS 3010 (GB): students engage in three oral debates of critical social issues.

Critical Thinking Skills

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how knowledge (in Social Science) is generated.

ISS 3010 (RK): Students take a midterm and final exam on the key topics, practices and theoretical approaches of the social science disciplines. ISS 3010 (RK): students complete an annotated bibliography that requires identification and discussion of research methods used by the authors of the articles.

  1. Demonstrate sound critical thinking by applying the intellectual standards of the university and the social science discourse community into which the student has entered through his or her concentration areas.

ISS 4935 (ES): Students write a 13 to 15 page original research paper of high quality, meeting the conventions and standards of their specific disciplinary areas. ISS 3010 (RK): students write an 8 to 10 page paper analyzing and synthesizing scholarly work on a critical topic.

Civic Engagement

Students will be able to:

  1. Students will demonstrate an ability to apply basic social science research methods in the preparation of reports based on the analysis of social issues that impact the local/regional.

ISS 4940 (SA): requires students to write a paper analyzing their internship experience. Students not enrolling in the internship will demonstrate this outcome through the short paper in ISS 3010.