Faculty Directory


MARTINE F. WAGNER, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley & Doctorate University of Paris IV, Sorbonne
Associate Professor of French, French Advisor

Office: Davis 211. Phone: 727-873-4962. E-mail: martinef@mail.usf.edu

Dr. Martine Wagner received a Doctorate in Language (linguistics) from the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne and a PhD in French with a certificate in Gender Studies and a concentration in linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley in 2002  (summa cum laude) . She received a Master’s from the Sorbonne (summa cum laude) and a B.A. from the University of Paris X-Nanterre (cum laude). In 1995, she received the Agrégation in French Modern Literature, a prestigious French title, and the CAPES. She is a native speaker of French and Portuguese, and also studied Spanish, German, and Latin.  She conducts research on contemporary French literature, Francophone literature, and linguistics applied to literature (i.e. cognitive linguistics). Her publications appeared in Expressions Maghrébines, L’Esprit Créateur, Nouvelles Etudes Francophones, The French Review, Women in French Studies, among others.  Recent book chapters appeared in Hexagonal Variations: Diversity, Plurality, and Reinvention in Contemporary France (2011), Perennial Empires: Postcolonial, Transnational, and Literary Perspectives (2011), Enjeux identitaires dans l’imaginaire francophone (2013) among othersShe also published the book Les écrivaines francophones en liberté: Farida Belghoul, Maryse Condé, Assia Djebar, Calixthe Beyala. Hybridité identitaire et métaphores cognitives (Preface by Michel Laronde, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2007). She is currently conducting research on foreign resisters in France during World War II, French female travel writing and the Portuguese dictatorship (Simone de Beauvoir and Christine Garnier), and on disability representations in Migrant Writing in France. She is also writing a book on Portuguese immigrant writing and film in France. In Spring 2016, Dr. Wagner received a USF World Faculty Award for Global Achievement for “Outstanding Contributions  to USF’s mission to ensure student success in a global environment.” In Spring 16, she also received a Chancellors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching and a College of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching.

HidalgoNARCISO J. HIDALGO, Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington
Associate Professor of Spanish, Spanish Advisor 

Office: Davis 264. Phone: 727-873-4060. E-mail: narcisoh@mail.usf.edu

Dr. Hidalgo studied Art History at the University of Havana, Cuba as well as Journalism and Literature in Madrid, Spain. He also studied Cinematography in Rome and received his M.A. in Hispanic Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and his Ph.D. in Latin American Studies and Caribbean Culture from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Hidalgo has expertise in 19th and 20th centuries Latin American and Hispanic Caribbean studies. His articles and academic research have been published in Spain, England and the United States. In journals such as: Monographic Review, Hopscotch, Cuadernos del Lazarillo, Encuentro de la cultura cubana, Negritud, Revista Caribe, Otro lunes, Revista Hispanoamericana de Cultura (online), Afro-Hispanic Review, Revista Surco Sur among others. He has published two books: Choteo. Irreverencia y humor en la cultura cubana, Siglo del Hombre Editores, Bogotá, Colombia, 2012 and Bajo el sol naciente: Latinos en Japón, Editorial Fridaura, México, 2007. He is a member of the editorial board of the literary journals Afro-Hispanic Review and Negritud, specializing in Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean issues. 

LevezielFRÉDÉRIC LEVÉZIEL, Doctorate Middlebury College
Assistant Professor of French & Spanish, Alpha Mu Gamma Advisor

Office: Davis 264. Phone: 727-873-4414. E-mail: fleveziel@mail.usf.edu

Originally from France, Dr. Levéziel has studied and lived in Spain for many years where he has family in La Coruña and Madrid. Fluent in French, Spanish, and English, he has also studied German, Portuguese, and Italian. He received a Doctorate in Modern Languages in Spanish and French from Middlebury College, a Master of Arts in French from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Université de Caen. He has taught a broad range of interdisciplinary courses from Spanish and French literature, language, and culture, to film studies and second language acquisition in Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida. In 2005, he was awarded the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Teaching Excellence Recognition Award and in 2012, he received the Foreign Language Alliance for International Rapport Teacher of the Year Award. He also served as director of the Foreign Language Training Center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and managed the Language Resource Center at Georgia Regents University. Dr. Levéziel is also a published scholar in the fields of Spanish and French Film Studies, especially on French film director Jean Renoir and Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar. He is currently writing a book on Pedro Almodóvar and also regularly contributes to La Gaceta in Tampa by writing film reviews.

HerreroANA L. HERRERO, M.A. University of South Florida, Tampa
Adjunct Professor of Spanish, Spain Study Abroad Advisor

Office: Davis 230. Phone: 727-873-4730. E-mail: aherrero@mail.usf.edu

Ana L. Herrero, M.A., received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa. She was born in Santiago, Chile and was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is a native speaker of Spanish and English and has studied Italian and French. She completed her Master of Arts in Spanish in 1995 specializing in contemporary Latin American literature. She has taught Spanish at USF Tampa and Eckerd College. During her tenure at Eckerd,  she was a member of the Spanish faculty for the Marine Science Bridge Program summer 2000-2002, which is a Grant funded program to prepare American and foreign students of the Marine Sciences discipline to study abroad.   Ana developed, prepared and delivered the curriculum for the Bridge Program at the University of LaRochelle, in France.  In 2002, she began teaching at Saint Petersburg Catholic High School  where she developed and wrote the curriculum for the AP Spanish Language program.  During her time at Saint Petersburg Catholic H. S., she was responsible for organizing and leading  several groups of graduating seniors to travel abroad in Spain. She joined the department of World Languages, at the University of South Florida, Saint Petersburg, in 2011. Since June 2012, she has been successfully leading the Summer Study Abroad Program in Salamanca, Spain.

AltunaMARGARITA ALTUNA, M.A. University of Maryland, College Park
Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Office: Davis 230. Phone: 727-873-4730. E-mail: maltuna@mail.usf.edu
Margarita Altuna is originally from Quito, Ecuador. As a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in Spanish Languages and Latin American Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park, she studied the interaction of 18th century literature, philosophy and history with Jesuit thinking in “Historia Antigua de México.” Margarita has a B.A. in Social Communication from Universidad Central del Ecuador (Quito), and a M.A. in Spanish and Latin American Literature from the University of Maryland, College Park. In her spare time, Margarita enjoys art, literature, and travel. Her research interests include nineteenth and twentieth-century Spanish American Literature, Ecuadorian Literature, Afro-Ecuadorian Literature, Latin American Civilization, Literature and Cinema, and Literature and Journalism. She recently published “La clase de José Emilio Pacheco” Casa Palabras Revista Cultural de la CCE. 8 (2014) 14-15 and  “La genialidad de Juan Secaira” Satus uio 7 (2014) 96-97

NayviHernandezNAYVY HERNANDEZ, M.A. University of South Florida, Tampa
Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Office: Davis 230. Phone: 727-873-4730. E-mail: nrhernan@mail.usf.edu

Nayvi Hernandez has a Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature from the University of South Florida in Tampa where she also received her Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology. For the past eleven years she has been a literature professor and World Languages Department Chair at Leto High School in Tampa. She has participated in numerous national and international conferences discussing her area of research: African religions and their presence in Hispanic American Literature. She also writes poetry and short narrative on her blog. She is a member of the editorial board of Revista Surco Sur as well as President of the Education Committee for the Coalition of Hispanic Artists (CHA). She is a writer and Editor-in-Chief of En el umbral del alma, a student magazine in Spanish. Professor Hernandez has directed several plays including Federico García Lorca’s La casa de Bernarda Alba (2009), Dolores Prida’s Casa Propia (2006), José Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio (2005) and Abelardo Estorino’s Parece Blanca (2002 and 2003). Since 2009 has ventured into the world of freelance photography with several collective exhibitions: Viva La Spring and The Soul of Spring (2013), Passion and Promise, The Dawn of Spring, Dreams of Winter (2012), Celebrating Life in Color, Energy of Nature and Unity (2011). Her latest project involves the presence of Vodou in Alejo Carpentier’s novel El reino de este mundo.

RICHARD BURNETTE, M.A. University of South Florida, Tampa
Adjunct Professor of French, France Study Abroad Advisor

E-mail: burnette@mail.usf.edu

Learning a second language requires creativity, dedication and fulfillment. I teach because each individual has the ability to articulate and express themselves in original ways as global citizens. I teach to share my international experience, knowledge, and love of the French and Spanish culture and language. I firmly believe that using a world language opens doors to higher perspectives and can help bring the world together. Communication is the key and we are responsible for making the world a better place or at least a vibrant one. Professionally, I hold a Master’s of Arts in French Studies from the University of South Florida. I have 7 years of classroom teaching experience. I currently teach as an Adjunct Instructor for two local institutions. In the classroom, it is each students’ responsibility to use their language in creative and unique ways. In my opinion, languages are best used when learning is integrated with the students’ own interests. Outside of the classroom, I’m an Artist. My creative interests include but are not limited to: cooking, painting, making collages, Yoga, and writing.

BoClements_000WILLIAM CLEMENTS, M.A. Florida State University
Adjunct Professor of American Sign Language

E-mail: bclement@usf.edu

William Clements has been teaching American Sign Language at the University of South Florida for over 14 years. He comes from a hearing family. He attended Gallaudet University in Washington, D. C., the only liberal arts university of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the world. He obtained his Master’s degree in Art Education and Arts Administration from the Florida State University in Tallahassee in 1994. He has a certification of American Sign Language Teacher Association Qualified Level – (ASLTA) and a certification of Sign Communication Proficiency Interview Superior Level as an Interviewer and a rater.  He gives workshops which focus on Deaf Sensitivity and Needs to the local government such as the Police, the Firefighters, and Health Care and gives lectures at numerous conferences on ASL , Deaf Culture, Deaf History, and on different topics for the certified Interpreters. He is a member of ASLTA, FASLTA, GUAA, FSUAA, and Delta Sigma Phi Alumni Association.

MARIA PEREZ, M.A. Wayne State University
Adjunct Professor of Spanish

E-mail: mariaperez1@mail.usf.edu

Maria  Perez is a Spanish native speaker from Medellin, Colombia with extensive experience in teaching Spanish and English to undergraduates. She is a PhD (ABD), and received a Master’s degree in in Modern Languages (Spanish), from Wayne State University as well as a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Social Communications from the Universidad de Antioquia in Colombia. She was also a TV anchor- journalist for 10 years. Maria has received awards of fellowships, scholarships, including a teaching excellence award as a GTA, and an Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Society of Leadership and Success. Besides Spanish, Maria speaks English and German, and has studied French and Italian. She holds two Certifications in Online Instruction. Her interests are Social and Psycho linguistics, Peninsular and Latin America Cultural Studies and the use development and delivery of technology related to teaching web-based foreign language courses. She was born to be a teacher and loves teaching


BARBARA MALINOWSKA JOLLEY, Ph.D. University of South Florida

Adjunct Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies

Email: malinows@mail.usf.edu

Native of Poland, Dr. Jolley  received an MA in English Philology (a dual program in literature and linguistics, equivalent to a double major) from the University of Łódź, Poland.  She received her doctorate from USF Tampa in English/Comparative Literature.  Her research interests include modern and contemporary poetry and drama.  Dr. Jolley has published articles on comparative poetry and drama and a book on comparative poetry (Dynamics of being, Space, and Time in the Poetry of Czesław Miłosz and John Ashbery). She has taught at USFSP since 1997. Her teaching specialties include a range of courses, such as writing, linguistics, Modern American literature, Modern European literature, World Literature, the European Novel, and Modern and Contemporary American Drama, Francophone World: Global Culture (taught through drama), literary theory and  Introduction to Postcolonial Studies taught to graduate and undergraduate students as well as general education courses taught online.