Foreign Language Requirement for the B.A.

In addition to the foreign language entrance requirement (as required by FS 240.233) all students applying for a Bachelor of Arts degree from USF St. Petersburg must demonstrate competency in a foreign language. To demonstrate this competency, students may take either two semesters of a beginning college-level foreign language or one semester of a higher-level course and earn a letter grade of “C” (no “S” grades) or above in the appropriate level course or demonstrate equivalent competency by passing an examination.

Students who have taken the language before, must take a placement test at the Student Success Center. We strongly advise students who have taken the language before to build on their knowledge and take higher-level courses. This will give them a head start when they elect to minor or major in the language.

Students who have not taken the language before entering the university, may enroll in Beginning language courses to satisfy the foreign language requirement:

The sequence of courses to be taken is:

FRE 1120 Beginning French I (4) OR  SPN 1120 Beginning Spanish I (4) OR ASL 2140C Introduction to American Sign Language (4)

FRE 1121 Beginning French II (4) OR  FRE 1121 Beginning Spanish II (4) OR ASL 2150C Intermediate American Sign Language (ASL) (4) 

We encourage all students to minor or major in the language to better prepare for their career and make the most of their education.