Faculty Awards

2012-2013-Kathy Arthur USFSP Chancellor’s Award for Service

2013- Jay Sokolovsky, American Anthropological Association’s Robert B. Textor and Family Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology

2013- Jay Sokolovsky, USFSP Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship

2013-2012- John Arthur, Invited to Niigata Museum of History, Japan (March 2013) and Kiel University, Germany (Feb 2012) to present his research concerning the origin of beer and ceramic technology in the archaeological record.

2012- Kathryn Arthur, Gordon R. Willey Prize, Archaeology Division Award of the American Anthropological Association. Read More

2011-2012-Kathryn Arthur, USFSP Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship

2012 (spring and summer) Jay Sokolovsky, Landes Foundation Writing Fellowship book titled: Never More Campesinos: Mexican Indigneous Communities confront the 21st century.

2011-2012 Ella Schmidt, Fulbright Scholar Fellowship.Title: The Local as Global: Hnahnu (Ixmiquilpan, Mexico) Communal Ethos Revisited Read More

2011- Kathryn Arthur, Cross-Field Prize. General Anthropology Division Award, American Anthropological Association. Read More

2011-2013- Dr. Kathryn Arthur and Dr. John W. Arthur received a National Science Foundation Grant to study historical archaeology and ethnoarchaeology in Ethiopia for 2011 to 2012.

Faculty Publications

Dr. Jay Sokolovsky

 2008 (1997). The Cultural Context of Old Age. won the Kalish award in innovative publications.

Dr. John Arthur

2014 Beer Through the Ages: The Role of Beer in Shaping Our Past and Current Worlds, Anthropology Now 6(2):1-11

2014 Pottery Uniformity in a Stratified Society: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective from the Gamo of Southwestern Ethiopia, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 35:106-116.

2014 Culinary Crafts and Foods in Southwestern Ethiopia: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Gamo Groundstones and Pottery, Journal of African Archaeological Review. 31(2):131-168.

2013 Transforming Clay: Gamo Caste, Gender, and Pottery of Southwestern Ethiopia, Asian and African Study Monographs, Supplemental 47:5-25.

Dr. Ella Schmidt

2013. Cultures of Globalization: Coherence, Hybridity, Contestation by  Kevin Archer, M. Martin Bosman, M. Mark Amen, and Ella Schmidt

Dr. Kathryn Weedman Arthur

2013 Material Entanglements: Gender, Ritual, and Politics among the Borada of Southern Ethiopia.
African Study Monographs (CAAS), Kyoto Japan .