Occupational Health And Safety Services

We provide many services, to include site reviews, walkthroughs, safety assessments, training courses and safety oriented consultations.  USFSP Safety & Compliance Division works together with the USF-Tampa Environmental Health & Safety department to provide these services.


Contact Michelle Penn  at 727-873-4216 for more information or to schedule training.


The below are offerings on campus at USFSP.


USF Tampa Environmental Health and Safety provides a training matrix of research and lab related safety requirements and guidelines. Training is available online and in person.


The ability of an individual to work safely and efficiently influences the progress and accomplishments obtained by the organization of a whole. Ergonomics is the study of those adjustments or functional designs that are implemented to facilitate a safe and efficient work environment.

Contact USF Tampa Environmental Health And Safety for an assessment or more information.

USFSP Smoking Policy

USFSP is a tobacco and smoke free campus. Tobacco use, distribution, or sale, including, but not limited to smoking and chewing is prohibited. This policy covers all buildings, property, and grounds where USFSP business is conducted. Faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors are not allowed to use any tobacco products within this area. There are no designated smoking areas on campus. All attendees at public events, such as conferences, meetings, public lectures, social events and cultural events using USFSP facilities are required to abide by this policy. Organizers of such events are responsible both for communicating this policy to attendees, and for its enforcement.