Emergency Management

The Safety And Compliance Division strives to prepare and maintain the readiness of the USFSP community in the event of a potential emergency, weather, man-made or technologically related events.  Emergency-oriented safety plans and procedures have been developed and are constantly reviewed and exercised by USFSP constituents and supporting agencies in order to best ensure execution and consistent alignment with the overall well-being of the campus and its community.


Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan tabletop training is conducted annually to build cohesiveness for all USFSP leadership, colleges, and departments.

Building Captains Program

Building Captains are selected by departmental leadership to represent each building located on the USFSP campus. These individuals are responsible for disseminating instruction to the population in their assigned building and relaying pertinent information to emergency personnel during training drills and potential emergencies.

MoBull Alerts – Notification

USF strongly recommends that all faculty, staff and students “Opt In” for this service. The MoBull Messenger is used to provide emergency notifications and updates on events that affect the campus or surrounding areas.

Get MoBull Alerts

During the construction project at 6th Ave and 4th St S, a portion of the outdoor emergency notification system will be out of service.

Training : Active Shooter / Armed Intruder

See University Police Department – Armed Intruder

Emergency Situations Protective Actions

Download the Emergency Situations Protective Actions poster (Printable 11″ x 17″)

Emergency Phone Locations (Blue Light)

View USFSP Emergency Gathering Area Map with Descriptions (.pdf)

USFSP campus map with blue phone locations

Emergency Evacuation Gathering Map

USFSP Gathering Area Map with Descriptions

Evacuation gathering areas map