Fire Safety

Fire code education and safety awareness for the USFSP community.

More about fire safety at USFSP

Annual Fire Safety Inspections  (University Police Department)

Occupational Health And Safety

Site reviews, walkthroughs, safety assessments, training courses and safety-oriented consultations.

Occupational health and safety services

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is important for overall health, comfort and for the efficiency of performing any tasks at hand.

Indoor air quality services and resources

Safety Hazard / Near Miss Report

If you observe a safety hazard or near miss at a USF location, please complete the Safety Hazard / Near Miss Report Form.

*If injuries or illnesses are involved, do not use this form, see Injury/Illness reporting,

Laboratory Safety

Guidance on state and federal regulations as well as semi-annual work-space reviews for areas dedicated to science or medical based research on campus.

Laboratory standards and processes

Emergency Management

We strive to prepare and maintain the readiness of the USFSP campus in the event of a potential emergency, weather, man-made or technologically related events.

Learn more about USFSP Emergency Management

New Construction And Rehabilitation

We participiate in all construction and rehabilitation projects associated with USFSP during each phase of building to include: Conceptual Planning, Official Design, Construction, and Certification/Commissioning.  During the process of constructions, we communicate all known hazards in an effort to ensure safety during site improvements.


All events on campus must receive approval to ensure that intent, setup and operation are conducted safely and in accordance with university, state and federal guidelines.  Safety & Compliance works collectively with student, staff and outside event planners prior to, during, and after an event.

To request an upcoming event review – call Guy VanAsten at 727-873-4216.


Time and resources are dedicated to plan for maintaining functionality through and after variable weather influences.

USFSP Storm Ready Campus and weather resources