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  • Strategic Direction and Leadership, Executive Communications, Brand and Reputation Management, Crisis Communications and Media Requests : Carrie O’Brion
  • Brand, Marketing and Advertising, Web, Digital Systems, and Analytics: Patrick Baxter
  • News and Media Relations, Internal and External Communication, Social Media, Public Records, and Emergency Communications: Matthew Cimitile
  • Publication Design, Art Direction, Creative, Brand, Marketing and Advertising: Kate Phillips
  • Scheduling, Project Management, Administration: Amy Harcar Holloway

USFSP Branding

Logo Usage and Guidelines

USFSP’s brand is expressed by visual and written messages produced by all units of the institution. The goal is consistent use of color, style and core messages.

The USFSP brand has a relationship with the USF System brand, which is provided by USF Tampa’s Office of University Communications and Marketing.

University Logo and Guidelines

Messaging and Visual Design

USFSP has a distinct voice to be incorporated into our daily language and messaging. To further illustrate the USFSP story, visual communications play out as a vital complement.

Colors and Typography

USFSP uses the USF System primary and accent color palettes in conjunction with the USFSP identity palette and encourages the use of brand apprporiate fonts.

Audio and Video

Audio and video advertisements (traditional radio or television, Internet radio, etc.) are also reviewed and authorized by USFSP Marketing and communications to ensure the university brand, visuals, messaging and any Web addresses are displayed, or spoken, correctly.

For videos, a department art element cannot be displayed for a longer amount of time than the university logo. For example, if the USFSP logo is displayed for five seconds, the additional art element cannot be displayed for more than five seconds. .

Videos must include closed captioning for ADA accessibility.

Letterhead, Business Cards and Envelopes

As part of USF System policy and in order to maintain consistency in quality and appearance, USF has entered into an agreement with this printing vendor to supply departments with business cards, letterhead stationery and envelopes.

Digital Communications

Web Services

USFSP Marketing and Communications plans and develops the overall architecture, functionality and user interface for the This includes integration of online communication platforms such as social media, event calendars and crisis communications. Marketing and Communications does not support personal pages for faculty.

The content management systems are created and managed by Marketing and Communications.

Please contact Patrick Baxter, Asst. Director of Digital Communications with any questions about the USFSP Web site or managing department pages.

App Creation, Development and Naming

Authorization from USFSP Marketing and Communications is required for all USFSP apps, devices, software, or products to appear in a commercial or private marketplace, such as Google Play or iTunes, or that are distributed in any manner. Names of apps that use the USFSP, USF, USFSM names must authorized prior to submission for distribution in any commercial or private marketplace. Contact Patrick Baxter authorization.

Domain and Hosting Acquisition

USFSP Marketing and Communications registers and purchases Web site domains or hosting on behalf of USFSP departments and in conjunction with USFSP Campus Computing. This especially includes domains with “usfsp” in the name.

Please contact Patrick Baxter, Asst. Director of Digital Communications, to make a request to purchase a domain or hosting.

Social Media

USFSP has an official presence on three top social media sites: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The official Facebook page is managed by both Enrollment Management. Marketing and Communications. Marketing and Communications also manages the official YouTube channel, which showcases videos about the people and programs of USFSP, and a Twitter account for the USFSP public events calendar.

University Advancement also maintains an inventory of other USFSP social media sites.

Official Use of Social Media By University Employees

Only university employees who are authorized by a department head may use social networking to conduct university business.

To get started, if you are an employee who works with, or plans to work with, social media on behalf of a USFSP unit:

  1. Read the Social Media Guidelines.
  2. Identify a content manager.
  3. Create a plan and submit a social media strategy worksheet.
  4. Notify Patrick Baxter.

For questions, please contact Patrick Baxter.

News and Media Relations

As the primary liaison for external news media, the division informs the public about USF St. Petersburg at large, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, the Kate Tiedemann College of Business and the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.

Services include:

  • Media requests for public records, data, faculty experts and other USF St. Petersburg information.
  • Alerting local, state and national media to news about faculty research and honors, student achievements and public events.
  • Distributing news about USFSP on the university Web site, within various USF and USFSP publications and in internal and external newsletters.

For more information about news and media relations contact Matthew Cimitile.

Photography and Video Acquisition and Production

While Marketing and Communications does not provide photography services to USFSP departments, the division does maintain a repository (i.e. a digital asset management system) containing photos that departments are welcome to browse.

Professional Photography and Video Production

The department also maintains a list of professional photographers and video producers who are available on a freelance basis. Please contact Jessica Blais, Communications Director, at (727) 873-4456 for more information.

Additionally, Video Works, a unit of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies provides photography and video production services. Contact Edgardo Dangond for more information.

Photo and Image Release Forms

Individuals featured in images for university brochures, videos, Web pages, advertisements and other publications need to sign a photo release.


A photo credit line is encouraged below photographs used in print and electronic collateral, particularly those taken by students. Specifications required by professional photographers are listed in the DAM. Ideally, the credit appears immediately after a caption that explains the contents of the photo.

Harbor Hall | Photo: Jane Doe ’13

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