Data Play Date: Wednesday, November 16


Come and join us at our second annual FREE event, the Data Play Date 2: Tour the Land of Data!

The First Time Traveler tour is designed to introduce new data storytellers to the tips, tricks and tools necessary to go through the data storytelling process, from developing a plan to creating basic data visualizations.
The Experienced Traveler tour is designed to help more experienced data storytellers to expand their knowledge and skills. These tourists will explore scraping sites for data, more detailed and interactive visualization and different software options.

The Event: Data Play Date 2: Tour of the Land of Data, presented by ONA USFSP
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016
Time: 3:30 – 5:45 p.m.
Location: PRW 107, USFSP

Click here to register now, as space is limited.


ONA USFSP is a student chapter of the Online News Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting digital journalists. We explore issues related to the creation and consumption of online news. We do this through member-driven projects, events, research and discussion.

Board Members

President: Lorien Mattiacci
Vice President: Skyla Luckey
Secretary: Mike Moore
Treasurer: Sarah Mason
Adviser: Casey Frechette, Ph.D.


Current project committees explore video storytelling, social media and other topics related to online news. Future committees will explores with the Crow’s Nest, USFSP’s student paper, and Neighborhood News Bureau, a community journalism initiative.

Lorien Mattiacci and Vanya Iliev greeted prospective club members at the spring 2016 USFSP Get on Board Day.

Join Us!

ONA USFSP is an open, inclusive organization, and all active USFSP students can join via PeteSync. Interested students can also join the national chapter of ONA, which includes membership in ONA Tampa Bay.