Information for Potential Internship Providers

If you like to offer our students internship opportunities, please be aware of the following criteria, which will enable our students to receive academic credits.

  1. A full description of the duties required at the proposed internship and the skills the student expects to either learn or improve as a result of the internship.
  2. Full contact information including name, title, phone number and email address of the students’ on-site supervisor.
  3. Verification that the number of required hours for the internship (minimum 120 hours) will be met and a tentative schedule of days and hours to be spent at the internship.
  4. In general, internships will be approved if they involve print, radio/television or on-line journalism, media design as it relates to journalism, some aspect of visual journalism, or media relations. In general, internships will NOT be approved if they involve activities relating to disc-jockeying, radio station promotions, film making, fundraising, or with record companies. Internships involving public relations or marketing may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  5. A written evaluation by the on-site intern supervisor on a form provided by the department, due the day after classes end. Follow this link to download the evaluation questions: Internship Supervisor Evaluation Questions.

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