Mac Lab – PRW 107

One of the top features of the center is a high-tech graphics and design lab, with 20 fully equipped iMac computers used for photojournalism, writing and editing, as well as visual communications classes.

Conference Room – PRW 236

Conference Room (PRW 236): To reserve the conference room, please contact the department.

Mini library (PRW 236): Applied Research Projects and Theses, journals and other publications are open to all the students and faculty.

VideoWorks Video Production Studio – PRW 108

VideoWorks is the in-house production studio for the Department of Journalism and Digital Communication. Opened in 2012 to serve as a course creation studio for the department’s 100% online master’s degree in Digital Journalism and Design, the studio has evolved to serve the USFSP community and beyond.

The VideoWorks team produces course content, hosts student websites, facilitates real-time webcasting, and edits professional quality videography.

Want to document an important event for your company? Need to liven up your website with video? We can do it quickly, easily, and inexpensively. We script, shoot, edit and post. You just have to show up. Teleprompter available. For more information and pricing, contact Mark J. Walters, Director of Digital Initiatives.


Students have access to 10 digital still cameras and 10 video cameras for their multimedia projects. Students can check them out at the campus library.

Peter Rudy Wallace Florida Center for Teachers

The Department of Journalism and Digital Communication shares the facility with the Florida Humanities Council. Part of PRW includes meeting rooms, a reception hall, a lunchroom and lounges for conferences of teachers from around the state.