Assistant Editor/New Media Content Creator

Who are They?

Where the Food Comes From is a concept designed with the end goal of connecting consumers to their food suppliers both directly and through increased knowledge of the food processes themselves. Most people talk about from farm-to-fork, but they go laboratory-to-legislature to examine the key elements that make food appear on our plates as if by magic. From researchers creating next generation varieties and combating pestilence, to congressmen on Capitol Hill who make the laws that govern our food supply chain, they examine every critical element to fill in the gaps in consumer knowledge.

This website will be Version 2.0 of an existing food industry website,, established in October 2016. WTFCF is designed to allow both industry professionals and the average consumer the opportunity to see what’s new and important in the food world today.

They also have a regular broadcast television presence on the newscasts of the national, Nielsen-rated RFD-TV Network (we also produced the network Holiday Special) and are in negotiations for a series on that network.

What do they need?

Southeast Produce Weekly  is looking for the right person to help them create the content featured on their website. This person will need to be a journalistic writer who is willing to take some time as a part of their job to learn this industry and discover what stories need to be told. (Don’t worry, you will have a lot of guidance in this area.)
This person would need to be comfortable reading through press releases and selecting stories and links that fit the audience, writing compelling articles, and conducting phone interviews when necessary.

This person would also be expected to assist SPW in its social media presence by creating assets for each of the various social media platforms.

This will be primarily a work-from-home position, with minimal travel and office requirements.

You’ll get to wear a lot of hats and learn from people who know how to wear them.

Experience: This is an entry level position, but SPW is looking for someone who can show that they have the writing and journalistic skills necessary for the position. There is much room for future advancement. Writing samples are a must; any relevant samples are a bonus.

Recommended Education: 4-year degree in Journalism, English, or Communications

What comes next?

SPW wants any applicant to be aware of the future of the Where the Food Comes From concept and what their role can evolve into moving forward. As of now they are a very lean operation, (only 5 employees) but are seeing growth very quickly in 2019. This year we will begin production on the first season of the Where the Food Comes From television series, in which SPW already has greenlight from a national broadcasting network. They also have an increased backing from both in and outside the food industry that is growing by the day. They are so excited to add a new face to their team, and although this position is entry level, there will be a huge potential for vertical growth if the applicant has the ambition to move onward. SPW is looking forward to hearing from you, and welcoming a new addition to the team.


Please contact SPW with inquiries at:

Make sure to include your resume and any examples of previous journalistic work.