Internships in Journalism and Media Production

with the USFSP Neighborhood News Bureau


All internships are unpaid and for course credit only.* Students must be enrolled in a program
relevant to the position that offers internship credit.**

Students from all USF campuses or other higher education institutions are welcome as long
as the conditions are matched.

To apply, send an email to with the subject Internship with NNB with your
résumé, the title of the position, a short description of your interest in the internship and your
related experience, and a link to your online portfolio*** before August 13 for the fall semester
and December 10 for the spring semester.

*Although students may get paid for publishing stories with local media outlets as freelancers, we do not guarantee publication or pay.

**Internships will require 5-10 hours per week for a total between 100 and 120 hours depending on your program’s internship requirements.

***If you don’t have an online portfolio, you can bring clippings with you to the interview. If you don’t have any samples of your work, list relevant courses you have taken. We may ask for a recommendation prior to the interview.

Web and Graphic Design
Description: Web and graphic designers will be responsible for creating images, graphics, and a visual
portfolio for one or more of NNB Portal’s websites and graphics, illustrations and infographics for articles.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), WordPress, visual
communication principles, CSS, and digital design tools.

WordPress Website Development and Management
Description: Website managers will be responsible for developing and maintaining one or more of NNB
Portal’s websites in WordPress. Website managers will be responsible for updating, securing and developing
features and tools for one or more of NNB’s websites.

Requirements: Proficiency in WordPress, HTML5, and at least one programming language useful for
websites and mobile publishing, such as Python. Knowledge of database development preferable.

Photography and Photojournalism
Description: This dual position includes both artistic and general photography for design and content
purposes and photojournalism assignments for news stories and projects.

Requirements: Advanced photojournalism and photo editing skills, a solid portfolio, Adobe Photoshop
and/or Lightroom, and availability to work in south St. Petersburg at least one day of the week.

News and History Researchers
Description: Researchers will help develop a database of historical and news reference to support the work
of local reporters and academic researchers, produce storylines for a digital mapping tool covering 150 years of
local black history and work on assignment to support NNB’s investigative and special projects.

Requirements: A course in either journalistic or historical research and or experience conducting specialized
research in any areas. Most specific and digital skills will be taught during the internship.

Spanish-language Reporters and Translators
Description: Spanish reporters and translators will help report and translate news stories and projects from
Spanish to English and from English to Spanish for Memoria Colectiva a new NNB initiative.

Requirements: Fluency in both Spanish and English and some experience or coursework in translation
and/or news reporting.

Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing
Description: PR, advertisers and marketers will work developing and executing a branding and fundraising
campaign for NNB and also help develop our new corporate website MetaNNB

Requirements: At least one year of coursework in one of the areas or similar related courses, technical skills
in production of promotional materials, social media and basic design and photo editing. Coursework or
experience with fundraisers, strategic communication, grantwriting, communication campaigns and/or social
marketing will be a big plus for these positions.

Multimedia, Investigative and Specialized Reporters and Editors
Description: Multimedia investigative reporters and editors will work on specialized projects for and in collaboration with professional media outlets and local organizations. Topics include
environment, science, health, public affairs, entertainment industry, politics, businesses and law (focusing on
local courts systems, legislators and social justice).

Requirements: Students applying for this positions must have strong reporting and editing skills, basic
multimedia production skills, prior experience working for a news outlet, including the The Crow’s Nest or
NNB, and a dogged interest in investigative reporting.

Copy Editors and Fact Checkers
Description: Copy editors and fact checkers will learn how to work providing support to the editorial team,
reviewing copy for AP Style and grammar, checking accuracy of facts, and scanning for legal and ethical

Requirements: Students applying for this positions must have strong writing and editing skills, taken an
editing course and/or provide verifiable proficiency in AP style and be detail-oriented proof-readers.