The Sports Quotient Seeks Contributors

With a 63,000-follower Twitter account, Sports Quotient is a fast-growing digital-sports media startup (everything’s done online). It provides a massive platform for nearly 200 talented, young sports writers and staff from over 70 universities to deliver their smart, in-depth sports analysis with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers, in order to raise their SQ.

Joining SQ requires only a handful of hours a week from your home/dorm (we’ll work around your schedule), you’ll receive personalized feedback, and their best members have gone on to work for top sports (and non-sports) organizations, like ESPN, the Knicks, Jets, Clippers, Madison Square Garden, Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Facebook, to name a few.

They also work to help get college internship credit for students who request it.

Available Positions

  • Columnists: Write one in-depth, analytical article a week within your favorite sport (topics up to you)
  • Reporters: Cover major headlines and breaking news across the sports world
  • Viral Media Writers: Cover must-see content with light, comical commentary
  • Editors: Review and edit weekly content for grammar and content quality

Other Available Positions: Statisticians, Marketing Associates, Graphic Designers, and Sports Trivia Quiz Writers


Interested in applying or learning more? Contact with the top 2-3 positions you’re most interested in.