Grist Seeks Fall 2017 Fellows

The Grist Fellowship Program
Want to grow as a journalist while absorbing a universe of green knowledge? Apply for the Grist Fellowship Program.
The Grist Fellowship Program is an opportunity to hone your skills at a national news outlet and deepen your understanding of environmental issues. They are looking for early-career journalists with a variety of skills, from traditional reporting to multimedia whizbangery. They will offer exposure to the leading sustainability thinkers and theories of our time, real-world experience at a fast-paced news site, and the occasional ice cream Friday.
The fellowship pays $2,600 per month. Fellows must make a six-month commitment.
For the fall term, which begins in October 2017, Grist is offering two fellowships:
Justice Fellow
The justice fellow will report on the connections between social inequality and the environment. You will explore the ways in which the environmental movement can become more inclusive, especially in the current moment — and how communities of color are developing new ways to fight for cleaner air and water and safer neighborhoods. You will be expected to write 2-3 news briefs a week, a couple 500-word(ish) reported stories a month, and one 1,200-word mini-feature a month. You will also identify a long-term special project to produce in collaboration with others on the team.
Video Fellow
The video fellow will work alongside Grist’s award-worthy video team to produce explainer videos, shareable short videos, and longer-term projects. You will be expected to produce 1-2 explainer videos a month and 2-3 short-form videos a month, and to assist on the video team with weekly production. You will lead multimedia experiments, collaborate with a social media manager, and push Grist to innovate new ways to tell stories. You will also identify a special project to produce in collaboration with others on the team.
Who should apply?
Any curious, self-motivated, hard-working individual who wants to grow as a storyteller. Grist’s primary subject areas are climate, clean energy, sustainable food, livable cities, and environmental justice. Candidates are most likely college or j-school grads, with some experience in journalism.
Where do I apply?
For fellowships that begin October 2017, please submit applications by July 31, 2017.
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