Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship

Jbe CoverWe are extremely excited about the opportunity to host the Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. As a twenty plus year member and Fellow of ASBE, I have always felt that the lifeblood of the organization was our journal. It is our desire to continue the fine work accomplished by Jane Licata and her staff at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and before her Robin Peterson at New Mexico State University.

While maintaining and enhancing the quality of the articles included in JBE, another major initiative is to enhance the visibility of the journal. In reality, these go hand in hand. We have updated our visual appearance with both a new journal cover design and a refreshed website. I hope that you are as excited about these two changes as we are.

To assist in promoting our mission of supporting both the theoretical as well as the practitioner side of entrepreneurship, we have also added a new section to the journal—The Entrepreneur’s Perspective. This section of each issue will be devoted to a successful, practicing entrepreneur sharing his or her insights into building a firm with sustainable impact. Non-refereed articles will be included that meet a level of quality and substance regarding the real world of small business. In addition, to follow up on the hard work of Jane Licata, we now have the journal permanently included in ABI/INFORM GLOBAL. This move will provide not only visibility and respect from the academic community, but also encourage an increased level of submissions.

The editorial staff will consist of myself as Managing Editor, Mary Jo Jackson as Editor, and Daniel Scott as Associate Editor. We have maintained the existing editorial review committee while soliciting new involvement in this group. Another change that has taken place in this regard is that all submission and review activity will be done electronically. Not only is this appropriate with our technology age, but it will also be more efficient and “green”.

We look forward to a long relationship with the journal and working with ASBE and its membership.


William T. Jackson (Bill)
Managing Editor

Mary Jo Jackson

Daniel James Scott
Associate Editor