Workplace Expectations & Guidelines

Standards of Service

Review the USFSP Standards of Service here.

Hours of Work

The normal workweek for each full-time employee shall be forty (40) hours.  The University retains the right to schedule its employees; however, the University will make a good faith effort, whenever practical, to provide employees with consecutive hours in the workday and consecutive days in the workweek.

Work Breaks

No supervisor shall unreasonably deny a Staff employee a fifteen (15) minute rest period during each four (4) hour work shift. Whenever possible, such rest periods shall be scheduled at the middle of the work shift. However, it is recognized that many positions have a work location assignment that requires coverage for a full eight-hour shift, which would not permit the employee to actually leave his/her work location. In those cases, it is recognized that the employee can “rest” while the employee remains at his/her work location.

An employee may not accumulate unused rest periods, nor shall rest periods be authorized for covering an employee’s late arrival or early departure from work.

Leave of Absence documentation

All leave of absence, with or without pay, must be documented by the employee and, if approved, documented by the supervisor. Some types of absences may be approved at the supervisor’s discretion while others are required to be granted. Approved absences may be flexible and arranged so that the employee can be in a non-pay, partial-pay, or full-pay status on one or more pay periods.

Performance Evaluations

  • An employee shall ordinarily be evaluated by his/her immediate supervisor who shall be held accountable for such evaluation. The evaluation may be reviewed but shall not be changed by a higher level administrator. The immediate supervisor shall be the person regularly assigned to direct the work of the employee, or, if unavailable, the person appointed by the chief administrative officer. The evaluator is primarily responsible for the timely evaluation of the employee.
  • The employee shall be provided with information regarding the basis of the evaluation and shall, upon written request, be provided a copy of any documents which were considered in completing the evaluation.
  • The evaluation shall be discussed with the employee, who shall be given the opportunity to respond.
  • The University will make a good faith effort to provide employees and supervisors with training in performance evaluation techniques.
  • Signing the performance evaluation indicates only that the employee has received a copy of the document and does not indicate that the employee agrees to it.
  • For more information please refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

Respectful Workplace

The University of South Florida St. Petersburg values all employees and strives to provide an environment free from harassment and bullying. We want to build an inclusive community that embraces differences among the faculty, staff, and students.