Featured Student Employee


Marven Mathelier

Marven Mathelier is a Federal Work Study Student who works in Human Resources. His quiet unassuming character would never reveal the journey he encountered by recently becoming a U. S. Citizen. Marven was born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti and grew up north in the city of Gonaives. When Marven was 12, his mother traveled with him and his brother to the United States for what he thought was just a visit. Marven’s mother wanted her children to have an opportunity to experience the wonderful freedoms that America offered and thus began their road to citizenship. The move was not easy for a young child as making friends was difficult in addition to learning a whole new culture. Marven’s perseverance led him to USFSP where he is currently an honors student majoring in Management Information Systems. In his ‘spare time’ he tutors students in French and Financial Accounting as well as enjoying a variety of games. Congratulations Marven! We are so excited your journey brought you to us and we look forward to many more amazing achievements you accomplish in the future!