Top 10 Things to Remember about Open Enrollment

  1. The dates for Open Enrollment (the period that you can make changes to your benefit plans) for the 2014 plan year is October  21st – November 8th.
  2. You CANNOT make any changes after the close of Open Enrollment unless you have a Qualifying Status Change (QSC)  Event.  Click here for more information regarding eligible events.
  3. If you do NOTHING, then your 2014 elections will remain the same as your current plan year enrollment.
  4. The right Health plan CHOICE during open enrollment is important for you and your family.  Click here to see what you should consider when making your health plan choice.
  5. Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to put away up to $2,500 for medical and $5,000 for dependent care on a PRE-TAX BASIS.  You can draw from this account to cover medical, dental, vision and dependent care costs throughout the year.  Click here  for help to determine what account will work for you.
  6. CONFUSED about which dental plan is right for you? Plans can have different out-of-pocket cost and may have a choice of in or  out-of-network providers.  Click here  for a Dental Plan Cost Estimator that will help you determine the right      plan for you.
  7. Make your open enrollment elections on-line at the People First website.  It’s fast, easy and there are no long wait times!  Please be aware that the website will close PROMPTLY at 6 p.m. on November 8th.  Click here  to access the People First website.
  8. Have not logged into the People First website in the last 90 days? If not, for SECURITY purposes you will need to update your password before you can log in to make your open enrollment elections.  Click here  for information regarding People First password requirements.
  9. Make sure your healthcare providers are IN-NETWORK  with the plan you want to elect this year.  Click here for links to all of the carriers so you can check your provider’s status.
  10. Need assistance?  Contact your Human Resources office at (727) 873-4105.