Art History Program

In the discipline of art history, artworks and monuments are treated as crucial historical documents, important for understanding the past.

Art history courses at USFSP explore a variety of periods and cultures, from the ancient world to modern times, and consider such topics as techniques and functions of art, symbolism, artistic styles, and historical contexts. Students learn how the visual arts of a given time and place interrelate with political, cultural, and/or religious developments.

Beginning in fall 2011, USFSP offers a minor in art history (see requirements below). An art history minor complements many different fields, such as history, graphic design, anthropology, or even psychology and business. Students are encouraged to choose art history courses that accent their major. Anthropology majors, for instance, should consider the ancient art courses, while graphic design majors will benefit from the study of modern art. Note that ARH courses can be applied retroactively to the minor if they otherwise fulfill the minor requirements.

Requirements for the Minor in Art History

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the minor in art history, in the following distribution:

I. Art History Foundations (6 hours)

a. ARH 2050 History of Visual Arts I (3)
b. ARH 2051 History of Visual Arts II (3)|

II. Specialized Art History Study (12 hours)

Three 4000-level courses in art history (4 hours each) from the following list:

ARH 4115 Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art
ARH 4130 Greek Art|
ARH 4151 Roman Art
ARH 4200 Medieval Art
ARH 4301 Renaissance Art
ARH 4350 Baroque and Rococo Art
ARH 4430 Nineteenth Century Art
ARH 4450 Twentieth Century Art
ARH 4724 History of Graphic Design

A maximum of four credit hours in ARH 4800 (Critical Studies) and ARH 4930 (Special Topics) can be applied to this portion of the minor.

Neither ARH 3001 (Introduction to Art) nor ARH 3475C (Contemporary Issues in Art) can be applied toward the minor. A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 (“C”) is required in the minor for certification, and students must earn a minimum of C minus in each individual course. At least eight credit hours must be taken at USFSP.

Graphic Design majors may apply courses required for their curriculum toward the minor in Art History, with the exception of ARH 3475C.