We are a collegial department comprised of Historians, Political Scientists, and Philosophers.

We graduate majors in History and Political science, offer an Art History minor, provide courses in Philosophy, and several of our professors are affiliated with the masters program in Florida Studies. The common thread linking our diverse faculty is a passion for teaching and scholarship. We truly care about the students we teach and want to make a difference by conveying our knowledge in the classroom and through professional outlets in our respective disciplines.

Our students receive the instruction they need to be successful in a variety of fields because we place a heavy emphasis on critical thinking, research, practical training, and civic engagement. Whether one is interested in directly entering the workforce or pursuing a graduate education, our programs will equip you with the requisite skills. If you are a current student, prospective student, or just curious about what we have to offer, then please peruse our Web site and see what interests you.

In an effort to encourage interdisciplinary exchange, our college combined several disciplines into single administrative units. We find the alignment of our disciplines academically fortuitous. We have deep overlapping interests. Using our particular academic approaches, we seek to understand human beings, the nature of our political, international, and cultural associations, and the ways that our individual and collective pasts shape who we are, how we live, and what we want. All these inquiries seek to understand not just how humans do behave, but how we should behave. These common interests inform the content and style of our classes and permeate our research.

Dr. J. Michael Francis
Chair, Department of History and Politics
Hough Family Chair of Florida Studies, Professor of History

For discipline specific inquiries, please contact the following professors:

Dr. J. Michael Francis

Political Science
Dr. Thomas Smith

Art History
Dr. Sheramy D. Bundrick

Hugh LaFollette

Florida Studies
Dr. Christopher F. Meindl

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Rachel Pacini

Rachel Pacini Rachel Pacini, a 2017 graduate in history, received the second place prize at this year’s Eckerd Humanities Symposium.  Her poster and presentation, entitled “The Making of a Witch: The Evolution of Witchcraft Trials in Early Modern Europe,” were based upon her Honors thesis, “Making a Witch: The Triumph of Demonology over Popular Magic Beliefs in Early Modern Europe.”

Rachel successfully defended her honors thesis April 28 and graduated on May 7, 2017.

Samantha Travis

USFSP History alumna Samantha Travis ’14 recently defended her master’s thesis and received her MA in History from Tufts University. Her thesis was entitled “Turning Points in Transnational Anti-Slavery Activism: Cardinal Lavigerie’s ‘Anti-Slavery Crusade,’ the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, and the ‘Anti-Slavery Revival’ of the Late-Nineteenth Century, 1888-1890.”