Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities, know as LLCs, are residential communities with a special emphasis on an academic major or an area of interest. Currently there is not an additional fee required to be a part of a LLC, however, this is subject to change in the future.


The application for Living Learning Communities is part of the Housing and Dining Contract and will be available until June 30th.

Housing and Residence Life is offering four Living Learning Communities to Residents at USFSP.

Living Learning Communities, known as LLCs, are residential communities with a special emphasis on an academic major, minor or area of interest. LLCs are a great way for freshmen to meet new friends, share in new experiences and connect with people who have similar interests.

If you are interested in excelling academically and socially in a community constructed for your success, please contact the respective LLC Faculty of Record. If you have not already submitted the Housing and Dining Application, you can also note your interest on the application.


Bringing Biology to life outside the classrooms

The Biology Living-Learning Community offers residents the opportunity to live and learn together about the interdisciplinary nature of biology, work with biology professors on research projects, participate in civic engagement activities with biology focus and explore potential career opportunities.

Hosted in USC.

Biology contact: Dr. Norine Noonan

Puppy Love: Southeastern Guide Dog LLC

Raise a Future Guide Dog for the Blind.

Spend your residential year at USFSP helping to raise a future guide dog for the blind. Students can become certified puppy raisers through Southeastern Guide Dogs, or room with and assist a student puppy raiser, or be an active puppy sitter and member of the USFSP puppy raiser club.

Hosted in RHO.

Lead contacts: Dr. Deni Elliott and Kathy Saunders


Knowledge you’ll use. A community you’ll love.

The Leadership Living-Learning Community (LLC) is an interactive community in which students live, study, and have fun together. The community helps incoming freshman make friends, build connections with faculty and staff, improve academic performance, develop personal leadership skills, and increase workplace competencies. The LLC is grounded in USFSP’s Leadership Studies minor. Students in the LLC share classes and participate in growth events outside of the classroom.  The program aims to help new students from every major succeed in their new home.

Hosted in USC.

Leadership contacts: Ben Smet and David O’Neil

Living Green

A community living green for a better tomorrow

In the classroom, the lab, on campus and beyond the Living Green Living-Learning Community provides a multidisciplinary introduction to environmental science, policy and sustainability. The linked courses focus on an overall theme of sustainability and environmental science. As a cohort, members of this community will learn and live together, taking courses that use different modalities (lecture, lab, online) and leveraging opportunities for civic and community engagement in St. Petersburg.

Hosted in USC.

Living Green contact: Dr. Jim Ivey