Housing and Dining



Apply for Housing and Dining

Reference the Housing Portal

Checking Status of Housing and Dining Application

A Housing and Dining Contract is not considered complete unless the contract itself, prepayment, and immunization forms are all submitted. In order to check if all these portions are submitted one can:

    1. Log in to the Housing Portal
    2. Click “Check the Status of My Application”
    3. Verify that the Prepayment and Immunization forms have been received (please allow up to a week for forms to show received)

Room Assignments and Roommates

  1. Log in to the Housing Portal
  2. Look for assignment information

Room Change Request

  1. Print and complete the Room Change Request Form
  2. Submit form to the Housing and Residence Life Office

Early Arrival/Move-In Application

Super excited about moving in or just need to come a few days early?Watch for early arrival information in the summer prior to Fall move-in.

Move-In Checklist

What to Bring (Suggested list)

Housing and Dining Contract Cancellation

In order to cancel a Housing and Dining Application the student needs to:

  1. Complete the Housing and Dining Cancellation Request (.pdf)
  2. Submit the Housing and Dining Cancellation Request form via email, fax, US Postal Service, or hand deliver.
  3. Allow up to 2 weeks for the request to be approved and confirmation to be e-mailed out to USFSP email address.

Immunization Health Form Submission

In order for students to be applicable to live on campus an Immunization Health Form must be submitted to the campus Wellness Center. All details about the form and necessary immunizations for on-campus living can be found at the Wellness Center Website. In order to submit an Immunization Health form:

  1. Print and fill out the Immunization Health form
  2. Send form to the Wellness Center via email, fax, or post
  3. Allow up to 2 weeks for the form to be processed and input to the Housing Portal

University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Wellness Center, SLC 2200
140 7th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: 727-873-4422
Fax: 727-873-4193
Email: immunizations@usfsp.edu


Housing and Dining Agreement

Read the Agreement: 2017-2018 University Student Housing and Dining Agreement

Student Housing Policies

Our Student Handbook 2016-2017 has all of the information regarding policies and important dates and is handed to every student at Fall move-in.

Housing Maintenance (Work Orders)

In the case that something breaks, does not work, or just generally needs to be replaced, and is not an emergency, a Housing Work Order may be submitted. Work orders may take 3-4 days to be completed depending on priority. If a work order needs to be submitted and is an emergency please contact your RA or the RA on duty for your building.

Housing Work Order

Hurricanes and Threatening Weather

Living in Florida, hurricanes and threatening weather are a part of our wet season. USFSP has policies and procedures in place in the event of such weather. Please read the Hurricane and Threatening Weather Policy 2015 to be prepared for such an event.

Marketing and Adverting in the Residence Halls – Procedure for Distributing Flyers

Posting flyers in the Residence Halls is a great way to advertise student clubs/organization meetings, programs and events, and events happening with campus departments. If you have an event you would like to advertise for, please see the following steps for getting your flyers posted in the residence halls.

  1. Submit via email to the Residence Life Coordinator an electronic copy of your flyer for approval.
  2. A suggested submission timeline of two weeks prior to your event is recommended. This is to allow time for submission & approval of the flyer, then distributed to the RAs to put up in the halls.
  3. Once the RLC approves your flyer and sends an email confirmation of approval, please bring the specified number of copies in the approval email to the Housing and Residence Life Office at RHO 100.

If you have any questions about flyer submission, marketing & advertising in the halls, or program collaboration, please contact the Residence Life Coordinator.