Honors Program

The Honors program encourages the rigorous pursuit of honors scholarship among students who are considered the best and brightest undergraduates at the university. We have developed a curriculum designed to bring out the talents and abilities of students and professors. We emphasize small classes where students and teachers can freely exchange ideas.

In small seminar-style classes, students receive individual attention from a distinguished faculty member. They engage in intellectually stimulating discussion and course work designed to foster the development of critical thinking skills and excellent written and oral expression. Specifically designed honors seminars span the sciences and humanities and offer an unusual amount of freedom to explore an interdisciplinary approach to the acquisition of knowledge.

Students from all USF St. Petersburg disciplines are encouraged to participate in this unique program of distinguished study. Admission to the Honors Program is based upon our assessment of your potential for superior academic achievement. Indicators of this potential include: outstanding achievement in high school or college, superior scores on standardized tests, the ability to write well, and keen intellectual curiosity. To apply, please complete an application (.pdf) and submit it to:

Dr. Thomas Smith
Director, Honors Program
USF St. Petersburg
140 Seventh Avenue South, SNL100
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 873-4583

Or, you may fax your application (.pdf) and supporting materials to: (727) 873-4878.

Students learning at the USFSP waterfront