USFSP Student Affairs Unveils Strategic Plan for Enhancing Student Success

Student Affairs Strategic Plan

(Nov. 6, 2017) – USFSP’s Division of Student Affairs has released its first-ever Strategic Plan, a collaborative guide outlining key initiatives for enhancing student learning, engagement and success over the next three years.

The plan is structured around the Division’s three mission areas of personal growth, inclusive community and lifelong learning. It proposes initiatives ranging from exploring an intercollegiate athletics program and sorority/fraternity life to expanding internship and volunteer opportunities with the greater St. Petersburg community and establishing a financial awareness program.

“We didn’t feel as connected as we could across the various departments. This plan and the process for developing it allowed us to better integrate among each other while focusing on key goals we want to achieve to benefit our students,” said Dr. Patti Helton, Regional Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

The development of the plan brought together the 24 departments within Student Affairs. Each came with their own initiatives, totaling around 150. Further input and collaboration across departments resulted in winnowing down and jointly identifying 25 consensus initiatives that Student Affairs will pursue to ensure student success.

“Besides reaching consensus on all of the initiatives selected for our Strategic Plan, each is aligned with the goals and performance-based indicators found in the university-wide Vision 20/20 Plan,” said Helton.

Work plans are now being created in order to assign responsibilities, provide timelines and outline steps necessary to implement each of the 25 initiatives. All work plans are slated to be finalized by next semester.

“Students will play a heavy role in how we implement the initiatives to make sure they result in improving the student-life experience at USF St. Petersburg,” said Dwayne Issacs, Director of Student Life and Engagement.

Student Affairs works to help USFSP students begin a lifelong journey of growth and self-exploration, partnering with key stakeholders across the university and city to provide opportunities that equip students to be active and contributing members of an inclusive global community.

Access the full plan here.