Alumni Profile – Andrew Kullman, Project Materials Associate for National Forensic Science Technology Center

Andrew Kellerman

(Nov. 8, 2017) – Meet Andrew Kullman, a native of St. Petersburg, a recent graduate of USFSP and currently a project materials associate at the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in Pinellas County. NFSTC provides quality forensic services including training, assessment, research and technology assistance to both the justice and forensic communities. Andrew, who majored in criminology with a minor in geospatial sciences, said his experience at USFSP and classes within criminology and forensic studies gave him the well-rounded background and passion for the forensics career he has now entered.

How and why did you choose USFSP?
I chose USFSP based on a couple of things. First the location, which was close to home and right in downtown St. Petersburg, was an ideal place for my college experience. I also enjoyed the smaller class size.

What was the most interesting thing about your forensic classes?
By far the most interesting thing was being able to put what we learned to the test threw practical exercises. These classes really made you feel like you got something out of it, that you can actually do the stuff you learned and use it in the real world.

What lessons did you learn from your college experience?
College defiantly gave me great opportunity to meet people in the field of criminology and gave me firsthand experience as to what happens in real life in the world of criminology. Make sure to take all the opportunities that are presented as you never know where they may lead.

What is your job and responsibilities at NFSTC?
I am a project materials associate at NFSTC. What this entails is I provide logistical support to most of the projects that we work on. This includes the ordering, shipping and receiving of materials. I also help to set up many of the classes that NFSTC puts on, the biggest of them being the Expeditionary Forensics Exploitation Capability program for the U.S. Marine Corps.

How did the USFSP forensic classes help prepare you for this job?
The forensic class gave me good background information that I use every day in my job. Without that training and experience, I would have not known about NFSTC and would not have had the skills required. The class was a great opportunity to meet all sorts of different people in the industry, giving me a well-rounded picture of the forensic science career field.

Where do you hope to go from here, in your career?
I would love to continue with NFSTC and grow with the company, with the hope of possibly teaching some of the classes in the future.