Interim Regional Chancellor Martin Tadlock Featured on WUSF News

Interim Regional Chancellor Martin Tadlock.

(Oct 24, 2017) – USFSP Interim Regional Chancellor Martin Tadlock was featured on the WUSF News program “University Beat” earlier today. Tadlock discussed how the collective USFSP community is moving the university forward on key priorities, from enhancing experiential learning opportunities for students such as internships to offering more academic programs.

“It’s not about me personally, it’s about us, it’s about the collective we at the university,” he added. “We have strong people here, we have good leadership, we have people in key positions that move the institution forward, we have plans, we have priorities – all of those things are in place because of all of the good people that work here.”

Listen to the entire interview.

University Beat is a radio program that focuses on the research and work at the University of South Florida System and how it benefits the Tampa Bay area, Florida, and the world around us. Each week, reporter Mark Schreiner looks at the latest USF System efforts in medicine, engineering, education, arts and sciences and explores other programs that reach out to both students and the community.