Students’ Literary Journal Launches Biannual Print Edition

A photo of 10 students seated at a large wooden conference table

The Papercut literary journal team of students meets to discuss and review the first printed copy of the publication.

Papercut, an online student literary journal at USF St. Petersburg, recently launched its first print publication.

“Most of us who are in charge of running Papercut are English majors, and we all appreciate the art of the printed book,” said Alyssa Harmon, 19, an English Writing Studies sophomore who serves as one of two editors for the publication. “We love the website, but there will be a satisfaction of seeing all our hard work turned into a physical copy.”

“Before I came on board, Papercut was an afterthought. I’ve always loved the idea of a magazine for USFSP writers and we decided to put in some real effort,” said Alexander Valdes, 23, an English literature senior who serves as an editor. “In a lot of ways, it was like fixing up an old, busted car. Now, we’re almost to the point that USFSP students have a blind reviewed journal to which they can submit their literary content.”

“The publication is a faculty advisor’s dream,” said Thomas Hallock, professor of English in Verbal & Visual Arts, who serves as the faculty advisor for the student publication. “It’s entirely student-run and they have been actively moving forward with it. They’ve handled some questions about ethics and authorship with incredible discretion, and they’ve provided remarkable support to one another in their peer reviews.”

The publication is sponsored by the Alpha Xi Phi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English Honor Society. The campus chapter has been around for 15 years, and Papercut is its third literary journal.