Blue Emergency Phone System to Get an Upgrade

USFSP Blue Emergency Phone

Blue Emergency Phones are located at various locations across the campus.

Starting in December, USFSP will upgrade its existing Blue Emergency Phone system to enhance campus safety.  The new phone system will utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that is expected to meet current needs, while also facilitating future expansions into new technologies.  Once the installation begins, the system is expected to be completed in 30-60 days.

“It is important to stay on top of new technology to meet the future needs of our growing campus,” said University Police Chief David Hendry.

USFSP also will install six additional Blue Emergency Phones in the area near the new Lynn Pippenger Hall, the new Biology and Chemistry Lab Building that is under renovation, and in the area adjacent to the Piano Man building. Other safety enhancements include the installation of a new pedestrian crosswalk along Third Street South and lighting for Parking Lot 19, which is under renovation along Eighth Avenue South.

In light of any potential service disruptions, Hendry recommends adding the University Police Department telephone number, 727-873-4140, to any cell phone. Dial 911 for any emergencies.