USFSP, Bank of the Ozarks Continue Management Training Partnership

A photo of three people working around a laptop

From right Dr. Varol Kayhan works with Bank of the Ozarks management associates Raj Patel and Nic Vecchitto at their location in downtown St. Petersburg.

For the fifth year, faculty in the Kate Tiedemann College of Business (KTCOB) are teaching online and face-to-face courses as part of a partnership between USFSP and Bank of the Ozarks, formerly C1 Bank.

Five management associates are enrolled in the 15-week training program. The program consists of coursework that focuses on business creation and innovation, data analytics, accounting, financial analysis, business law, and other related areas.

“We focus on meeting the needs of the client,” said Dr. Gary Patterson, KTCOB associate dean of Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship, adding that the program is tailored according to specifications made by the bank’s leadership. “We know that the needs of the client are important, and we want to be flexible in maintaining and identifying their needs and providing the education their management associates require.”

Dr. Varol Kayhan, associate professor of Information Systems & Decision Sciences, said this is his second year teaching as part of the program. He teaches face-to-face and online sessions that focus on data analytics.

“This session is especially important because they are gaining some important technology skills that they’re going to be able to apply in their jobs,” said Kayhan, adding that previous courses involving predictive analytics were more basic. “Students now are learning about databases, data warehouses, data visualization, predictive analytics, and how to manipulate data.”

“This partnership between the Kate Tiedemann College of Business and the Bank of the Ozarks is a good example of how we can serve community need with non-degree programs,” said Dr. Sridhar Sundaram, dean, Kate Tiedemann College of Business. “We have talented faculty in many areas and my goal is to work with more community partners to offer similar programs.”

The program is funded by a grant from Bank of the Ozarks and is headed by Principal Investigator Dr. Alison Watkins, KTCOB professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences.