MBA Students to Study Abroad in Germany

Students from the Summer 2015 Education Abroad trip to Germany during a USFSP hosted welcome dinner.

Students from the Summer 2015 Education Abroad trip to Germany during a USFSP hosted welcome dinner.

As part of the summer Education Abroad programs at USF St. Petersburg, a professor and group of graduate students in the Kate Tiedemann College of Business (KTCOB) will travel to the Heilbronn-Franken region in southern Germany to meet with senior executives from several companies July 8-18.

“The whole idea is to take our students out of the classroom and have them interact with business leaders and C-suite executives of leading firms in one of the world’s leading economies,” said Dr. Hemant Merchant, professor of Global Business. “Our students are out in the field, gaining holistic, valuable lessons from some of the most accomplished individuals and firms—and they are having fun immersing themselves in a truly wonderful, culturally-rich, cross-country setting.”

In its third consecutive year, the Germany study abroad program springboards off Dr. Merchant’s Globalization and Company Growth course, which explores some ways in which firms respond to the opportunities and challenges created by globalization.  As part of the program, students will participate in the Summer Institute at German Graduate School of Management and Law, a USFSP partner institution.

“They’ll be exposed to professors from GGS and business leaders from the area,” said Wendy Baker, director of Global Initiatives who oversees the Education Abroad programs at USFSP. “The GGS Institute isn’t just for students at USFSP. In addition to learning from Dr. Merchant, students also will get exposure and work side-by-side with students from other universities around the world.”

“Our students absolutely love it,” Dr. Merchant said. “The experience is fantastic, fulfilling. They all come back raving about it.”

Upon their return to the United States, Merchant’s goal is for students to leverage their experiences from the trip in their current positions to help chart their firms’ organic growth.

“Such experiences are the highest form of education,” Merchant said.