USFSP Students Awarded WLP Honors

Grace BauerUSFSP Biology major Grace Bauer aspires to become a dentist. Entrepreneurship student Melody Ucros hopes to earn a Masters in Urban and Regional Development. Both were recognized recently for their leadership skills and awarded scholarships by USF Women in Leadership and Philanthropy (WLP).

“WLP has distributed more than $400,000 in scholarships and research awards since it was founded ten years ago,” said Regional Chancellor and WLP member Sophia Wisniewska. “The group is truly making a difference for smart, passionate women in this university community and beyond.”

Bauer applied for and was awarded a $1,000 renewable scholarship to help support her dream to one day join a dental mission team. Ucros, who is the president of the USFSP Entrepreneurship Club, received a $2,500 scholarship made available this year to mark WLP’s 10th Anniversary.

Melody Ucros“WLP is a dynamic, impactful system-wide organization of over 200 women and 12 corporations who are committed to advancing women throughout the USF System and our communities through the promotion of leadership development, mentorship, philanthropy, engagement and scholarly excellence,” said India Witte, WLP Executive Director.

WLP will host its annual Give Day Tampa Bay on May 5, the proceeds from which will help fund additional scholarships. For more information about how to participate, please visit their website